Abundance is a gift given by the Divine.

Many people are trying to manifest abundance. They’re trying to attract more money into their lives.

Although it can work, what it really does is take away from where it starts, the down-pouring of provision from the Divine.

The guide below will give you the roadmap, and the work you need to do, in order to open to the down-pouring of Divine Abundance.


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Step 1 of Opening to Financial Abundance as a Suf:

Generosity, Provision, and Gratitude

From a Sufi perspective, how does one invite great financial abundance and prosperity in their lives and find relief from financial hardship?

The first step is to look at your relationship to God and look to see if that relationship is carrying the two attributes within it that you need.

In the Sufi tradition, abundance is carried by two attributes:

  •   Karim (Generosity)
  •   Razaq (Provision

Then, if we want to open the door to those two attributes, then we need to work with Shukur (Gratitude).

If you’re thankful and appreciative with what you have, prior to asking for something, in an honest and humble way, often Divine abundance will shower down upon you, if it is good for your physical and spiritual well-being.

God looks at what is in your highest. So, before God releases it, He looks at whether it will be good for you. He sees what would happen to you If you received it.

Would you turn away from the spiritual path?

Would you become greedy or ungrateful? 

This can happen with people who have abundance, but thankfully not all fall into this category.


Step 2 in Opening to Financial Abundance as a Sufi:

Beware of Greed

Financial abundance can be a trap for some. This is a conundrum. Often wealth doesn’t affect us in positive ways spiritually. It causes us to forget God, become greedy, and get lost in worldly pleasures. It can even become an addiction for which you’ll stop at nothing to get your fix, including exploiting people and harming the planet.

So here are some questions to ask yourself:

  •   Is God happy with you?
  •   Is your provision only going to yourself?
  •   Are you helping the poor and the needy?
  •   Is part of your desire for increased income based on you can helping others, or is it from a place of greediness or even fear?

The more you are generous with others then more abundance will flow through your hands. 

Greediness is a source of blocking abundance.


Step 3 in Opening to Financial Abundance as a Sufi:

Be in Alignment with Your Divine Purpose

The origin of abundance is in your relationship with the Divine and being in alignment with your Sacred Purpose. The highest form of abundance comes when we’re in Divine Alignment.

Is your soul doing what it was created to do?

Real abundance comes when we’re in alignment with our soul’s purpose

Begin by asking yourself, what is my soul’s purpose? What is it that God is asking of me?

This is often a much deeper and more difficult question than many of the others that are asked. People often focus on money, relationships, and appearance, but often, if they would do the work to find out their soul’s purpose, all those other problems would be solved.  It’s like a key fitting into the grooves of the lock, and the door, that was once locked on all those things, pops open with ease.


Step 4 in Opening to Financial Abundance as a Sufi:

Deep Bowing

This is the bowing of the soul to God in a deep and humble way.

If you go to God and demand from God what you want, then that’s what we call lordship, where we are placing conditions on God’s giving.

The other side is when you bow and say you are not good enough, not worthy of financial abundance. In that case, you’re also sending a message to God that says “restrict me.” Most of the time God will mirror you. Unless God decides to do an intervention, usually the world around you is a mirror of what you hold within yourself. If you believe you are not good enough and hold back from yourself then God will hold back from you.

Are you humble?

Are you willing to receive the abundance?

We have to look deep into our beings to understand.

What can be a barrier?

  •   We don’t believe in ourselves.
  •   We get caught in other people’s pictures of us.
  •   Afraid of our own magnificence.
  •   We’ve taken on images of our parents and their lack.
  •   School, something happens (flunk a test, ignored, or bullied).  

These create impressions on our souls that causes us to hold back.

So the work is that we need to clear these.


And finally remember these two points:

  1. Bring your heart into what you do

If you are hurt or angry or there is something you are triggered by, then you will withhold from your work and that will block the stream of abundance.

So the work is to clear emotional relationships and the passion and love that you bring into your work. When that energy is cleared, you will be giving God more room to let financial abundance flow into your life.


  1. Work with excellence

Are you working with excellence? Are you willing to be excellent at what you do?

When the ego self holds you back then you’re held back in your work. It holds back the consistent energy needed to really launch your work like a rocketship. This will open up the abundance.


In conclusion…

These are the 4 levels of opening up your life to the highest levels of abundance and satisfaction, within this life and the Next life.

Work on clearing these levels, and you will see deep, true and satisfying change in your life. It’s not easy, and it will take work, but this is the work of the soul in this world. You were made to do it and everything in the universe is already arranged for your perfect success! God is the Generous and the Giving. He created you in order to give to you! So, trust yourself and trust your path, and know that if true abundance is what you want,(and what God wants for you) then the path to achieving it is already laid at your feet.


Many blessings,

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe and Staff

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