What is Sufism

What is Sufism?

Sufism is a spiritual teaching that leads to Oneness or Unity with God’s Presence.

The meaning of the word Sufism is “to purify one’s heart”.

Sufism emanates from the Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) of the bible and was kept alive for many centuries through a multitude of prophetic and enlightened teachers. A Sufi is one who has purified themselves and come closer to Oneness with the Divine because of this purification.

The goal of Sufism is to live closely with God and to live in the eternal experience of this Oneness. Those who have reached this state experience the Divine Ecstasy and the Revealing of Divine Knowledge (Gnosis). It is said that these people are those who have been brought near to God and have a special place in God’s heart. They have what Sufi’s call Ihsan; which is excellence in their lives both inner and outer.

One of the beautiful aspects of Sufism is that its teachings and purification can be applied to all paths. Many diverse spiritual and religious groups have studied with Dr. Jaffe, to learn these Sufism principles. All have found that the application of this knowledge of God, and the teachings of purification deepen their own paths and religions, regardless of previous spiritual or religious background.

Sufism is made of three parts:

  1. The Divine Teachings of the Stations.
  2. The Deep Purification of the Heart through the Divine Names.
  3. The Outer Teachings of Divine Law and how to have holy relationships with others and God.

When all of these are understood and followed, the person easily travels through the stations and moves towards the World of Oneness.

The Legs of the Divine Teachings are the knowledge that has been recorded over the ages and is available to help the traveler to face God and walk through the many aspects of the Path. All spiritual paths ultimately face similar trials and therefore this knowledge is Universal in its applications. For example all paths teach that one must become trusting and reliant of the Divine Nature rather than one’s ego.

In Sufism we find that the connection to God and the descent of the Divine Lights (or Divine Names) is essential in healing difficult diseases. The Descent of the Divine Lights can bring about a number of significant changes in a person’s healing process and spiritual growth; often lessening symptoms and ailments related to all forms of disease and illness.

Sufism Divine Names

Sometimes – though it can be a rare sight – we see what we refer to as a “major descent”, when the level of healing is so instantaneous and intense that it can only be seen as a miracle. More frequently we see a “gradual descent” of the Divine Lights/Names accomplished through cleaning of the inner worlds of the person.

This either leads to healing on its own or helps to prepare the way for traditional medicine and other healing systems to aid in removing the illness or disease.

The reason for this is often that the unresolved issues within the heart kept the medicines and other systems of healing from being effective. After healing with the Divine Names, the medicines and systems seem to take hold and work far better than before. It is important to remember, however, that ultimately all healing is in God’s hands. Although we have seen so many people transforming through this work it still relies on the connection to God and the permission of God to bring true healing. This is a path you must walk and a connection you must open and maintain with the Divine.

In the general world of spirituality, purification of one’s heart, mind, soul, and secret is necessary to reach Union with God, Enlightenment, and the Tawhid (or Divine Oneness).

In Sufism, this is a science where the steps, stations, and teachings have been worked out over the centuries and now can be imparted to others through a true Guide that knows the way, and has walked them in their own journey of healing.

Dr. Jaffe, a sufi master, or Murshid, has been given authority to guide and help people to walk through these levels and reach towards Unity. For over twenty years he has been guiding people on the Sufi way. Many people have reached the Divine Presence through his help, and found the journey itself to God to be amazing and wonderful.

Dr. Jaffe

In addition, the teachings of Divine Law are necessary for walking the path of Sufism. We have found that there are Divine Laws that govern human relationships. When we break these laws, two things happen: unhappiness and suffering appear in our lives and disease can manifest.

Learning what these laws are and how to actualize them brings us to a holy and beautiful life. For example, one of the Divine Laws is not backbiting, slandering or demeaning of others. Treat others as you would have them treat you. When we break this law it often comes back to us in unpleasant ways. Sometimes through an outer consequence that causes us pain or suffering, or an inner consequence such as shame, psychological pain, or guilt. These consequences are not to punish the individual, they are to alert them to the fact that they are acting out of alignment and Unity with God.

In healing, Sufism brings forth the teachings of Purification that are needed for the spirit to release its suffering and find ease and freedom. This ease helps to eradicate disease and supports other systems of healing to take hold and work. It makes logical sense that if we haven’t resolved the very traumas, wounds, stresses and beliefs that may have led to us getting sick, how are we going to have true healing until these issues are addressed and resolved.

During the personal retreat I attended, I had no idea what was about to happen in my life. But I believe now that the reason I was able to deal with my circumstances so well, was a direct result of being with Dr. Jaffe in the previous month.

I attended an apprenticeship in October of 2013. In January 2014, my husband was diagnosed with a very aggressive Stage 3 cancer of the Esophagus. Being a family with four boys under the age of 10, this was a devastating blow to our family.

During the diagnosis and subsequent treatment time period, I was able to walk with grace, ease, and a fortitude that I had never witnessed in myself previously.
It was as if I had been transported to live in a different realm, seeing God’s hand in each moment, regardless of what the outside picture appeared to be. I experienced my sadness, joy, fear, and happiness all through different lenses.

Life had been forever changed.

I am still living in this realm, and no matter what the world can send in my direction, I am walking a free person. Feeling love, peace, joy and freedom with each step.

Thank you Dr. Jaffe, for what you have helped me to reach, and become!

Rifqa S.