Introducing Ibrahim’s New Book:
God’s Way

God's Way Sufi Spiritual Healing

Discover the Inner Meaning of Illness…

If you are seeking an effective way to shift and heal chronic or hidden patterns in your life, then you will love the brand new book from Sufi Spiritual Healer, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD. It is an introduction to a proven healing system that not only helps you get to the true source of your illness and suffering, but it also helps your spiritual growth and development.

Dr. Jaffe’s Teachings

Through his revolutionary APIIR-TB system, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe MD provides soul-level Sufi Spiritual Healing across the globe. He has been walking the path of the heart for over 20 years, and provides countless students with life-changing formulas for healing physical illness, transforming inner blocks, and finding their highest purpose in this life. If you are ready to learn the truth of your being, and why you’re here, then we encourage you to join one of our courses, or pick up Ibrahim’s new book “God’s Way,” today.

“Having been recently diagnosed with brain cancer, I reached out to Dr Ibrahim Jaffe and his team for Spiritual Support and Healing. The inward and outward transformation I’ve experienced since that time is beyond words. I was terrified, deeply resentful, and full of doubt. It felt like my life had literally been taken away. In the next month with ongoing support from Dr Jaffe I have been filled with longing for the divine, pervasive love and assurance, and abiding trust. Those qualities have made my world fundamentally better. This does not even reflect the miraculous outcomes that my symptoms resolved within 3 weeks, my tumor did not grow at all on follow-up imaging, and my cancer was deemed benign rather than the initial suspicion that it was malignant!!!”

A.L., California