Sessions with Dr. Jaffe

Sessions with Dr. Jaffe are scheduled after clients meet and work with certified Master Healers. We invite you to visit our Master Healer page.

Private sessions are especially for individuals who:

  • Want to spend valuable individual time with Ibrahim.
  • Are new to the Sufi Path.
  • Are in need of physical and emotional healing.
  • Simply need clear direction on where to go next with their spiritual life.
  • Want to experience what it feels like to be deeply connected to the Divine.

If you need help with this process, simply call 1-888-237-5233; ext 3 or email sessions@ Please request information about fees PRIOR to booking a time, as that slot will be saved just for you once you do so.

For questions or more information about sessions with Ibrahim, please email Any other questions, call 888-237-5233; ext 3.

Many blessings of love and healing to you!

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