Sessions with Dr. Jaffe

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe offers private half-hour sessions for individuals that are seeking individualized care.

Private sessions are especially for individuals who:

  • Want to spend valuable individual time with Ibrahim.
  • Are new to the Sufi Path.
  • Are in need of physical and emotional healing.
  • Simply need clear direction on where to go next with their spiritual life.
  • Want to experience what it feels like to be deeply connected to the Divine.

To schedule a private session, simply call 1-888-237-5233; ext 3 or email sessions@ to schedule a session. Please request information about fees PRIOR to booking a time, as that slot will be saved just for you once you do so.


If you are new to healing sessions with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, we recommend you consider booking a full 1-hr appointment so as to receive the full value available for the session.

For questions or more information about sessions with Ibrahim, please email Any other questions, call 888-237-5233; ext 3.

Many blessings of love and healing to you!

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