Read this book if you want to learn how to heal yourself or to help others find deeper healing.

Read this book if you want to learn how to become one with the ocean of God’s love and beauty.

Read this book if you want to learn how to shift stubborn patterns in your life.

Read this book if you want to wake up.

God’s Way: Sufi Spiritual Healing

God’s Way: Sufi Spiritual Healing, is a succinct compilation written by a conventional physician after almost 40 years of seeking, learning, and observing many forms of healing. If you are looking for deep healing and relief from illness, you can learn to use the APIIR-TB method to heal yourself. Health Professionals can learn to incorporate practices that bring complete healing into their existing modalities. For seekers who long to walk closer to Divine Presence, this book also teaches the tenets of Sufism, which is a spiritual path that encourages connecting with Divine Presence to purify, heal, and know Truth. Sufi Spiritual Healing (SSH) and the A-PIIR-TB method teach us to reach to the deepest root of our pain and illness to create healing and transformation at the source of our suffering.

As a Western physician looking for healing from a dangerous illness, Dr. Jaffe found the Sufi path, which includes a system of healing based on the Prophetic Healing traditions that have been practiced by only a few select masters. Dr. Jaffe has healed completely from his illnesses and has committed more than two decades to developing this material in order to bring these teachings to you so you can also benefit.

In this book, you will learn two things. First, you will learn how to turn toward the Presence of God in order to find healing, protection, guidance, and freedom from suffering. Second, you will learn not only how to locate the hidden and subconscious places inside where illness develops, but also how to ask the Divine Presence for direct healing there.

This book is a basic introduction to Sufi Spiritual Healing. It is for anyone suffering with the experience of grief, sickness, disease, or loss. However, it is also for anyone seeking a self-discovery adventure. Through the steps of this system of healing, you will learn to find the inner depth of your heart and soul. In coming to truly know yourself, you will locate the most Divine part of your being: the spirit, your unique blueprint of health. This discovery can lead to healing many illnesses in addition to leading you toward spiritual awakening.

Practical and Profound

This special and unique book is really two introductions in one: it is a spiritual healing manual for treating (and self-treating) both mental and physical illness – but it is also a guide for beginning the journey into gnostic reality: an advanced state of consciousness beyond even the “enlightenment” well-known to mystics, seekers and sages. The writing is straightforward and deep, presenting essential “hidden” realities, distilled through decades of a heartfelt career, but without ego, as befits a Sufi master. Whether you are seeking healing, or to realize the next stage in the evolution of your consciousness, or support and guidance in unveiling the Reality of God – this is the (non-denominational, inclusive and ancient) path with the profound resonance of Truth, and Love, and Light, and Peace, and Wisdom…in Ibrahim’s words, “the manual of operations that we didn’t get when we came into this life” (which is actually our birthright, written within us). I have personally witnessed so many beautiful transformations through this work, from physical illness and existential despair into health and wholeness, wisdom, inner peace, hearts full of love, and lives well-lived. This book is a humble, sincere- and practical – key to opening the door of these awakening possibilities.

– Ray

Beautiful Book

This book brings forth the essence of very deep teachings about how to heal the roots of your issues which cause illness and suffering. If you are seeking to heal yourself and get closer to God, this book is an excellent blueprint. Thank you Dr. Jaffe for sharing your teachings and wisdom.

– HK

An Invitation to Deep Healing

Robert “Ibrahim” Jaffe, MD, offers a unique invitation to Spiritual Healing, to find within ourselves the answers to why we are sick and why our lives aren’t working — and ultimately how we can be free and heal. Above all, his transmission is sourced from a deep well of Divine Love and unwavering devotion to “God’s Way.” In “God’s Way: Sufi Spiritual Healing,” Dr. Jaffe delivers his 7-step system derived from 50 years of Spiritual inquiry and integration of all aspects of healing. This concise book is a guide to a personal level of healing and other levels for those called to be teachers/healers. Dr. Jaffe is a Master Healer, Educator and Sufi Spiritual Guide in service to all who want to know God, regardless of their chosen path — helping people open their hearts to a holy way of walking in the world. Reading this book could change your life !!

– Joanna

Uncover your hidden jewel!

I highly recommend reading this informative, innovative and inspirational book on spiritual healing and personal transformation. Reading about Dr. Jaffe’s experiences of illness and recovery, through his spiritual journey of self-discovery, self-healing and finding God, truly infuses hope into the hearts of many. Discover how God is key to your healing and learn how to uncover the root causes of your disease/challenge. Dr. Jaffe’s spiritual healing method is based on ancient Sufi teachings infused with his medical knowledge and personal experiences. A must read for those seeking the true meaning of disease and renewed health.


Profound Mystical Healing Knowledge!

Profound mystical knowledge transformed into a step-by-step process to help heal physical illnesses that can open the doors to an even deeper healing of mental, emotional and spiritual issues….a much-needed breakthrough healing method to uncover the root of illnesses! Amazing potential journey to more complete healings, self discovery, a healthier planet and a return to the Divine!


Nurturing Love: A Guide to a More Peaceful Marriage

How can we nourish our hearts, restore our faith, and sanctify our relationships, especially the relationship of marriage? Is there something we can do to soothe and ease our feelings of separation, some salve for the loneliness, grief, and frustration we sometimes feel? I believe there is. Our saving grace comes in the embodiment of the unconditional love of which we all are capable. Like the magic penny in the childhood song, Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more.

Nurturing Love is a guidebook for giving unconditional love, particularly within the sacred bond of marriage. In striving to give loving-kindness, we tap into our divine essence, and so will experience the holiness we all carry. In the giving of greater love to our spouse, we will be transformed. Instead of waiting to be loved, complaining we are not loved, or trying to make someone else be more loving, we simply, repeatedly, graciously give love, overlooking our prejudices and our need for the other to be deserving. We learn to drop our arrogance, our certainty, and our imagined plans to simply become more loving, to the best of our patience and ability.

Salima Sanford is a passionate student of Sufism and healing and is a respected Muqqadim Murabbi in her Shadhdhuliyyah Sufi community, dedicated to holding the hearts of others and guiding them on their spiritual path.

I LOVE your book!

Salima Sanford, I LOVE your book! The way you express your heart, your gentle way of reaching people, and the pearls of wisdom you gently lay before for us are truly healing. Relaxation sets in every time I pick it up. Thank you for caring enough to so vulnerably share your journey. I feel this book has something for everyone from those in warm, compatible relationships to those struggling or looking for relationships, on the fence about relationships, dating, separated, married, widowed, or divorced. You remind us that every one of us can awaken, deepen, and blossom through the amazing power of Love. I have read a LOT of relationship books. This one goes to the head of the class.

– Erica T.