The APIIR-TB System

Created by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

What is APIIR-TB?

The APIIR-TB system of spiritual healing is an integral part of Sufi Spiritual Healing, and one that we teach in our programs. It is often the missing piece in traditional, holistic, and allopathic medical models. When we have tried everything and we are still not healing or we keep repeating the same dysfunctional patterns, the APIIR-TB system is designed to get to the underlying causes of our illness and suffering.

Here is a brief description of APIIR-TB system:  


Alignment with God

The spiritual healing process begins with aligning ourselves with Divine Presence through the invocation of the names of God. This connection with God creates a field of consciousness that allows for healing and transformation to occur.



The Pattern is the door into your inner self that will open a way to access the source of suffering. Accessing the inner pattern allows us to find the hidden, subtle reality of our illness or challenges. This is where spiritual healing will occur with the best results!



Images are pictures in our subconscious. Here they are stored, hidden in different parts of the our body, mind, spirit, or soul. Later in life, we develop beliefs around these images, and we tend to bury the ones we do not want to revisit or recognize. We remove the veils that conceal these images and beliefs through purification via prayer and find the truth within ourselves.


Issues and Choices

In order to heal, we must understand why the images exist. To transform, we must discover what our issues are and what choices led us there. When we resolve these questions, we can often heal the most persistent illnesses.



Resolution is the process where we resolve what we find inside the pattern. In the this portion of the process, we invoke the Light of God through specific processes to access either the Divine Essence or certain attributes of God that have the highest healing potential. These are the manifestation of the Names of God, such as Compassion and Love.



In this stage of the spiritual healing process you will discover what the Divine teaching of your illness/challenge is for you. Once you’ve understood the Divine teaching and implemented it into your life, you generally see the outer manifestation of healing and positive change. This will look like physical healing and/or shifts in your relationships, outlook, and life circumstances.



Beautification is the process in which we purify our own attributes to such an extent that we are able to hold to the light of the Divine Attributes more fully in our hearts. This allows us to move forward from a space of health and divine alignment.

The complete system of Sufi Spiritual Healing (SSH) includes the APIIR-TB system along with other holistic and medical care expansion. SSH opens a way to release our stressors, fears, and ingrained patterns that can get in the way of the healing process. Resolving our issues and patterns enables us to experience resiliency and support that comes from healthy relationships with our families, healthcare providers, co-workers, and friends. It is important that we have all of the pieces necessary to achieve deep and complete healing.

Here are some ways the you can discover Sufi Spiritual Healing for yourself:


Sufi Spiritual Healing tries to always combine conventional medicine and spiritual healing. It is an understanding of anatomy, physiology, and pathology that combine with the subtle understanding of what is within us.