Some people may ask:

How can I benefit from Sufi Healing if I am not Sufi?

Is Sufi Healing for everyone?

And the answer is: Absolutely, yes. Following the Sufi Path is not required to be healed or to be a healer using the Sufi Healing modality.

The only requirement is a belief in God.

In Sufi Healing, we access Divine light to heal disease through purification of all the layers of our beings.

In fact, Sufism means purification.

The practice of Sufism is the purification of the:

  • Ego-self 
  • Mind
  • Heart
  • Soul (Personalized manifestation of Spirit)
  • Secret (Spirit)


Sufi Healing incorporates the spiritual aspect of healing that permeates into the physical through purification of each of these layers. 

To help bring the unconscious parts of ourselves to the conscious level, by listening, looking, feeling, sensing, and by diving deeply into our issues, is usually the beginning of profound healing. Letting go and purifying, what no longer is in our highest good, usually will help facilitate a multi-level healing.

This type of healing through purification is not only for Sufis.  Anyone on a spiritual path, anyone wanting to better themselves, anyone seeking God can benefit from these healing methods.

We have found that the more one purifies, the better and easier their life becomes. This in turn results in fewer illnesses and an increase of abundance and joy.


What are impurities in Sufism?

Impurities might be in our behavior, past traumas, emotions, false beliefs or illusionary pictures.

What are some examples?

Behavior: Any kind of behavior that harms you or others. It’s rooted in the false belief of separation. For example, speaking negatively about others, stealing, lying, etc. Those are all different behaviors that need to be rectified in order to have a clean heart.

Past Traumas: Sometimes we can experience things that cause us to turn away from the light. We think we are protecting ourselves, but in fact, we’re turning away and erecting a wall or veil between us and God. This happens if we were not able, or old enough, to process the traumatic event in a way that brings us closer to the Divine Reality. In fact, every pain and hardship we endure is not a punishment, but an invitation to walk deeper into the Divine Light and Divine Love.

When we are halted in this process walking into God, then a wound appears that needs healing and cleaning. This wound can be the source of all kinds of pain, suffering, and illness in our lives. In the form of Sufi Healing we practice Spiritual Healing. We bring God’s light into this wound, dissolve the images and false beliefs that might be orbiting it. When this happens, whatever the wound is manifesting as (poor relationships, financial hardship, serial divorce, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) will also clear up.

Emotions: We might feel rage, which can be triggered by a deeply buried Illusionary picture (see below), or sadness, or fear, and even terror. We might feel hatred, or any number of other emotions that, though they are natural responses in some cases, they can get stuck in a person’s system by getting attached to a picture or false belief.

False Beliefs: These could be any kind of idea of limitation (limiting beliefs) or separation in the heart. A limiting belief might be something like “I am not good enough to be loved” or “I can’t make enough money to be secure.” Often, these limiting beliefs are attached to illusionary pictures.

Illusionary Pictures: These are images or pictures we hold deep inside ourselves, usually a sort of memory of an event that negatively impacted us (like a trauma, but even something as simple as failing a test, or never feeling like your parents are satisfied with you).

Purifying these behaviors, wounds, false beliefs and illusionary pictures help make illnesses disappear faster.


Sufism Cleans the Mud We Pick Up on Our Journey

People don’t realize that they have often picked up things in life that are causing them, and others, problems and in clearing up these things, they can move on being happier, healthier, and more full of joy. In Sufi purification work one can find that cleaning process.

And when that cleaning happens, lives begin to change, sometimes radically and in a very short amount of time. There really is no limit on it, because it comes from God, and God is beyond limitation.


Sufi Healing is for Everyone

So you can see, the process of Sufi Healing is for everyone. All you need is the willingness to go deep into yourself and, with the help of God’s Power and Light, bring cleaning and purification to the parts of you that need it.


Sufi Healing Is Unique

Sufism is for everyone, but it is unique among the spiritual healing modalities…

In many of the healing modalities today, students and people seeking healing are taught to be dependent on a guru or a healer, or on a tool. This is rooted in materialism and control. Many people don’t want you to know that you are a powerful being. You carry within you the potential and the capacity for health, joy, and abundance.

In this system we free you from control, and we teach you how to come into alignment with God and come into your power as a divine being.

We are powerful beings. We can change so much about our outer reality by changing our inner reality with purification in alignment with what God is asking of us.

Find out what God is asking of you and purify yourself inside using God’s light and power, and you will see tremendous healing of physical ailments and of hardships and struggles in your life.

You have the power to totally transform your life by seeking God’s help and God’s light.


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Peace and Blessings,

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe and Staff

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