In today’s video, Ibrahim discusses end of life regrets, but the power of this message can reach us even when we believe we have years or decades left. 

If we are truly conscious of our mortality and utter dependence on the Sustainer of Life, then every moment in our lives can have the power of spiritual acceleration that the end of life has to launch us into the Unity.

Sometimes as people are reaching the end of their life they, really start to examine what's happened to them and what they’ve done or not done in this life. 

And sometimes things come up short. 

Or that’s how it appears.

This is natural, because we’re human, and as such, we are imperfect. That is part of our journey. 



There is no better time to reach God.

People at the end of their life might say, “Oh I didn't learn to love or I didn't realize the enlightenment I wanted or the unity I was seeking. I don't know if God's happy with me. I don't know if God is going to accept me.” 

To many people at the end of their life, these questions really become relevant. 


Good news… The doors are wide open!

But I want you to know there's some really good news, which is that God in His vast mercy, uses the end of life as a cauldron of movement of people. 

In other words, what you can do in the last days, weeks, months of your life could take years at any other part of your life. So if you're dying, don't think that just because you're dying that now, it's over or you missed your chance. 

It's almost exactly the opposite. If you're dying and you realize that the doors are wide open, that God could forgive and send mercy and healing for so much that went on in your life, if you simply ask.


All you have to do is ask.

Simply have sincere devotion and humility in order to receive that mercy. And to do that, you really take some time to work on purifying yourself for your mistakes. 

You said, okay, I didn't reach enlightenment. This is the last six months of my life. If you really put your time into practices, you might reach it all! Even in a day, or a week, or a month. There is no limit to God’s Mercy. All it takes is a truly open heart. 

You might say, “Oh, I didn't reach the love.”

But if you really look for the love and you really pray for the love and you really commit to the love, there is a very good chance God will open your heart in ways you couldn't believe.

When my father died, he was reaching that point in his life. And at the very last part of his life, we went through a process with him where we work to really clean and purify the 99 Names that were present in his soul. 

There are 99 names of God. And we were working on purifying them during the time he was moving into his death process. 

And it was absolutely extraordinary the amount of transformation and movement that happened, and I have never witnessed in any other point in his life. 


So don't underestimate this time of your life. 

Don't give up. Rather, turn to God. 

  • Go into prayer. 
  • Go into devotion. 
  • Go into humbleness. 
  • Make the specialized prayers to God. 
  • Ask for help. 
  • Make tawba/repentence for the things that have been wrong in your life.
  • Ask God if God was willing to help you at this last juncture of your life. 


Prayers at this time of your life, when the veil is thinning between you and the Next life, when you are truly aware more and more with each moment the implications of this life and the next, it is during this time that your prayers are worth sometimes thousands and thousands of times more than any other moment of your life. 

That's been my experience. I wish you great luck on your journey and don't give up everyone, but use this last part to launch yourself into completion before you leave. 

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then the spiritual teachings will be corrupted. They can become a poison to our ego. 

That’s why, in order to prepare our hearts for God’s Truth and Love, we need to clean house.

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