Dr. Jaffe explains the practices of Sufism for healing the world. Find out if you’re part of the healing or the break-down of society, and how you can help.

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, spoke often about our obligation to community.

And this is something I find really interesting. 

Sufism: “We Are One Family”

If we really are one people in spirit, then we have an obligation to help whoever we find because they’re really our brothers and sisters. So that’s an interesting change in philosophy. 

In other words, rather than coming from competition, rather than coming from being special, or from a place of superiority or inferiority, we recognize our connection to everyone around us and see them as inherently equal to ourselves. 

If we can, we look at how we can serve people, how we can be at their feet, how we can help people. That changes everything. And that’s kind of how I go with my life. I think about everybody as my brother. Everybody as my sister. And if I’m meeting them, how can I give to them? 

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The Greatest Gift Is Love

And the greatest thing I can give to people is love. 

You know, can I really give them love? No matter what they’re doing, can I hold the love for them? 

We have to be love lights, because truthfully there’s not enough love on the planet. 

And if we really want to make the world better, one of the ways we can do that is by giving the love. So learning to give the love to people is, I think, the first critical thing in making a difference. 


But First, Give Yourself the Love

But even before that is something else, which is giving love to ourselves. 

Because if we can’t love ourselves, we really can’t love others. And the place that loves starts is actually in your relationship to God.

When you’re in the right relationship of your heart to God and God to your heart, love flows down from the divine inside your heart and it fills you up. Then you have love to give, and it’s pure love. 

It’s clean love and it comes out of you in the right way. It’s not tinged with other things. So learning to have that relationship is critical. 


A Secret of Sufism: Love Is God

I bet you didn’t know that actually love is God. So when people fall in love, for example, really what’s happened is the light of God has put love in their heart. The person you’re falling in love with, is the person God’s chosen for you, if it’s real love that came from God. 

If it’s not real love, if it’s lust or something else, it can come from yourself. But if it’s real love, it came from God. 

So when people really fall in love with each other, really that is the love of God that has been put in one’s heart, and the love of God has put it in the other’s heart. When those two loves come together, they reach oneness. And that’s the beauty of love. It’s actually God seeking itself deep inside people’s hearts.

So how do we do this? 

We learn to sit with the love, to sit with God, 

To breathe the love into our hearts, 

To open our hearts,

To accept that love deep inside and not to be afraid of it,

To really bow our hearts to that love

To accept the depth of that love, and

To let that love be the cause and the transformation within us. 

Love will change each of us. So don’t be afraid of love. Let it really turn you into something new. Let it cook you, make you into a nice tender morsel, then somebody will come along and want to eat you. And of course, hopefully the best one will be God. God will come and eat you and you’ll have your fana, and will disappear and reach the unity, the oneness, enlightenment. 

And that’s of course the best place we want to disappear into. 

That’s a Sufi metaphor. You hear that a lot. You know, become that tender morsel. Let God consume you.

But you know, in today’s world, a lot of people think about being eaten by people, being consumed and dominated by people. And they misunderstand that and they put it into a dominance situation. 

That’s absolutely not what I’m talking about. We don’t want to give ourselves away. We don’t want to give ourselves away to somebody’s ego or to someone’s power issues, or to be consumed by them where we become shells of ourselves, having been eaten by other people. 

That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about when our hearts have been cooked. The hearts become so soft and so open and so full of love that when the real lover comes, the real beloved, which could be God, but it could also be somebody who has understood love. When they see that lovie in you, they are going to want to merge with you.

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In Love, You Become One, Reflecting the Unity of God

So the consuming we’re talking about is that they’re taking you inside of them and you are taking them inside of you and you’re becoming one body, one heart, one soul, one secret, one spirit. 

That’s the consummation I’m talking about in the love. We say consummation in the fire of love. That’s the real beauty. 

Now, of course in time when you cook yourself enough and your heart becomes tender and pure, God will then come and will sort of take you into itself and pull you into the bubble of truth. And there’s what we call a consumption by God itself. No, it’s not ultimate consumption. Of course you exist to everything else, but in a certain deep way, you merge into the ocean of divine truth and the divine truth merges into you. 

And that’s what consumption means. 

This merging together. 

This merging leads to the world of unity. 

That then leads to the world of love. 

And it leads to peace inside yourself. 

And when you have it, you will feel the most profound peace and beauty and everything in your life. 

And, in this deep way, you’ll always be moving from such love, such purity that it gives you a very special form of life. 

This is what we call the world of unity. It’s living in that unconditional state of oneness most of the time of your life.

So please join us on this journey and learn to accept the love. And I think that’s the way we can change this world. Step-by-step learning to love each other, being kind to each other, not being judgmental, learning to have humor, and have fun and learning that life is a very joyful journey. And did you know that God actually has a sense of humor? It’s very funny, but God has an amazing sense of humor. So don’t forget that everybody. Enjoy yourselves.

The Sufi Path is for All People, and Sufi Healing is for All People.

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