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In today’s video, I am talking about human potential. There are four levels of the highest human potential. 

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Complete Potential


People have different concepts of potential. I like the complete potential, which means to reach everything that a person can reach. 

And that means body, heart, soul and spirit in its complete way. 

Sometimes people think about potential as success in a world. “Am I going to make enough money?” Or, “Am I going to reach the top of my game in whatever I’m doing?”

But I also find those very limiting forms of human potential. 


The Highest Form of Human Potential:

The highest human potential, in the Sufi tradition, and my concept as well, has to do with the heart coming into a state of unity, or oneness, with God

When the heart reaches unity, or oneness, it’s a form of illumination of the heart by the Divine Presence or the truth of God. 

And it creates a beautiful movement inside the heart and simultaneously the mind, as well. This transforms into a type of enlightenment, when the person reaches that oneness or that connection. 

That’s what I call the Highest Form of Human Potential. 


The Second Deep Level of Human Potential:

But of course there are other forms of human potential, as well, which again come down to the soul. 

The soul has to do with our characteristics, our ethics, and morality, sort of like the life code that we live by.

And the highest code is to live a very pure and good life

In many systems, that code was demonstrated by the great teachers, masters, prophets, avatars, beings who came to earth who showed and gave examples of what it meant to live in the highest way.

Now, if you want to learn how, you can follow their examples.  Look at:

  • How did Jesus heal and how did he give life to people?
  • How did Muhammad’s knowledge affect and change people’s reality? 
  • What was the law and the strength that Moses brought to the people of Egypt?

These are models of following great prophetic examples of purity. 

Following these masters in our lives is the second deepest level of human potential. 

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The Third Deep Level of Human Potential in Sufism:

The third level is the heart and the ability to:

  • Be in love.
  • Fall in love.
  • Have love,
  • Live love.

One does this first of all with God and themselves, and secondly, with their partner. 

This is the third great human potential: To have the beautiful experience of living that expression of love, every moment of your life really. And that’s a very, very high level of human potential to be able to experience. 


The Final Level of Human Potential in Sufism:

And of course the final level has to do with the outer world, which relates to:

What we are doing with our work?

How are our actions, and are they of the highest?

I like to look sometimes, and watch people. I’ve noticed that there are certain people when, as they go on their path on the earth, they bring holiness and goodness to everything they touch. With every footstep they take, every door they open, every person they look at, they bring beauty to the world. 

And of course, this for me is very high potential. 

And I see other people as they walk on the earth, and see they’re demanding, they’re stomping, they’re breaking, and they’re not bringing goodness to the earth. They’re bringing other things. 

So for me, potential, at the action level, really looks at how our actions bring goodness and holiness to our planet, and how our actions bring life to everything on our planet. 

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What about Worldly Success in this Life?

And then, of course, finally there is worldly success. This is the one thing that most people are most concerned with. 

Success is a funny thing, because you can have great success in whatever you do and not be doing very high actions or have high morality with what you are doing. 

In other words, sometimes brilliant people do bad things with their actions. And sometimes people reach the top of a career or life path, and then something goes wrong. 

So the actions that are in service to the Divine, and to humanity, to bring goodness on the earth, for me are the highest potential. 

We have to define what high potential is. And of course once you understand it, then you have to hold yourself to task, which means you look at your own actions, and if you see something not right in yourself, you purify it. 

And again, this is where you need to learn purification methods which we can teach you, and which you can learn, of course, in Sufism, but in many other traditions, as well. 


Reaching the Highest Levels of Potential

To reach the highest levels of potential, you must learn to purify those places inside yourself that are not pure. And as you do that, those other aspects will begin to shine and become brighter and brighter. 

Then you really do reach your human potential in every facet of your life. And that’s what I call living a life of excellence or perfection, which is to live that complete Holy life 

  • in your actions.
  • in your heart.
  • in your love.
  • in your soul.
  • In your attributes.

and finally,

  • in your own spiritual presence with Divinity itself. 

This is the complete human potential being realized. 

And I think it’s the state that we’re all seeking to realize in ourselves.

So I pray that everyone walks deeply on their path. I pray that everyone opens their hearts to the real love of themselves and others, and that we all have the chance to step into that Divine presence so that we can actualize the greatest level of human potential in our lives. Amen. 


Thank you everyone. 

Peace and blessings,

Ibrahim Jaffe, MD and staff


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