Loneliness is a tragedy of the modern world. More and more people suffer from deep loneliness, even when they are in marriages or surrounded by friends and family. Why is this?  Are there any Sufi teachings about loneliness?

Everything in existence is pointing us toward the Ultimate Reality, which some know as God or Allah, or no name at all, because it is beyond all names. The Sufis teach that God, or Allah, has given us 99 of His Divine Names, which we can use to heal and grow spiritually. They are the keys to purification and ascension, and they are the deep medicine for our bodies, hearts, souls and minds–the secret reality of our being.

This week, Ibrahim dives into an overview of how we can understand

  • loneliness as an opportunity for spiritual growth
  • how to heal from loneliness
  • how to help others suffering from loneliness
  • how loneliness is not a punishment or a curse but a test to help us walk deeper into Divine Love

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Healing Loneliness: A Divine Invitation to Spiritual Growth


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