Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe answers the questions: How do we heal our hearts after the death of a loved one? What is the spiritual opportunity after a death? How do we overcome the grief of the loss and use it as an opportunity for spiritual growth?

This is part 1 of a 4-part series of questions about how to use the Spiritual Healing (SH) modality to heal emotional pain. It's part of a larger exploration of how to use the SH modality to heal from pain, illness, and suffering and use them as a source for spiritual ascension and growth. Next week we will explore healing from loneliness. The week after that will be dealing with how to heal from depression, and the final week will explore healing from trauma.

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Pain, suffering, and illness are gifts from the Divine wrapped in challenging wrapping paper. Dr. Jaffe and the Master Healers at ISH guide us through these journeys, known as “our walking,” and help us to learn why we are experiencing the pain and illness, how to heal it, and how to use it as a source of transformation and deeper connection and gnosis of the Divine Reality.

When properly understood, we realize that the great messengers and saints were tested under the hardest circumstances, and through that, their light was able to shine more brightly in the world, and so too is the pain we experience a gift, not a curse, not a punishment, for us when we experience difficulty and suffering.

It's a gift and an invitation from God to connect more deeply to the Divine Reality that pervades every aspect of life, but which we often choose to forget and ignore. God wants us to remember, so God sends the gifts to remind us of God's Love, God's Light, God's Generosity, God's Beauty, and any other message that is intended personally for the recipient about God's Beauty and Majesty.

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Healing after a Death Videos

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