Are you ready to step into a life of health and well-being?


Do you want to know the secrets that will guide you to true and lasting health?


Many of us often get stuck, and then we have difficulty finding our way back to the love, which creates a barrier to healing.

In order to find true peace and lasting happiness in our lives, we need to be able to continually cross through our difficult emotions and challenging states, so that we can return again and again back to a state of love and unity.

When we learn and know how to master our own healing process, then
we can find our way back to a state of love, peace, and beauty.

In this introductory teleclass, Dr. Jaffe will touch on the different tools for healing physical illness, as well as how to release self-defeating states like guilt, shame, unworthiness, depression, spiritual burnout, and much more. Ibrahim also leads the group through a guided self-healing process.

If you are new to Sufi healing or if you have been practicing for many years, this audio class will help you learn to ignite your own healing process.

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