Intro to Advanced Sufi Walking: The One Brought Near

by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe MD

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Have you experienced that your walking in the soul has been difficult and that you need personal help and guidance to complete these stations?

Many people have found this time to be difficult in their walking.  Sidi has said that these soul stations are the most difficult and most dangerous  for it is easy for one to fall down. However, in the container of a group of committed beloveds and with the support of Ibrahim, who has the  the ability to guide you through these stations, it becomes more possible for completion.

The Advanced Sufi Walking Program, is about understanding and reaching our highest possibility as human beings. It aides the traveler in the deep walking of the soul through the higher stations to the Unity, the Baqa and beyond. These are the highest levels of human consciousness and require the greatest willingness and surrender to give everything for the face of Allah.