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Healthcare, today, is moving towards a more unified healing system, incorporating medical knowledge with spirituality, love, and compassion, allowing for an increased understanding and healing of diseases and their causes.

The University of Medical Spiritual Healing (UMSH) teaches a new and innovative healing approach to both healthcare practitioners, and to individuals seeking self-healing and spiritual transformation. Students from around the world have successfully studied with Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D.

You will be able to join us either LIVE, for our onsite session,or participate ONLINE via Zoom from anywhere in the world. Video replays will be available in case you miss a class or would like to review.

What will you learn in the University of Medical Spiritual Healing?

  • Learn how to find the true causative factors of disease.
  • Discover how to listen to what your body, mind, and spirit are communicating to you, so that you can find the inner cause of disease.
  • Learn what your options are with healing disease, through a direct subtle assessment of the illness.
  • Discover how to heal through your heart and your divine connection.
  • Find your unconscious beliefs, and hidden images, and learn how this can help in healing your disease.
  • Learn how Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH) can work with allopathic medicine, and other healing methods, for complete healing of disease and illness.
  • Understand how to help create the possibility for spontaneous remission, or miraculous healing, of your disease.
  • Discover how to incorporate MSH into your medical practice/profession while enhancing the success rate of disease treatment.
  • Learn how to become a better person living a happy, fulfilled life.



October 27-30, 2018—Location: LAX Hilton Hotel
March 15-18, 2019—Location: TBA
August 16-19, 2019—Location: TBA
Remaining Dates and Locations: TBA

All classes are available ONLINE via Zoom. Video replays will be available.


  • Year 1: Apprentice Medical Spiritual Healer Certification
  • Year 2: Medical Spiritual Healer Certification
  • Year 3:Professional Medical Spiritual Practitioner Certification

Year 1 tuition is $7,500, and a PAYMENT PLAN is available. Upon completion of Year 1, students have the option to continue at a discounted rate. To  learn more, contact Carol Jamila Sontag at 305-206-4540.

All programs will have intercession meetings, 3 times per month, consisting of 2-hour support calls to help the students learn, integrate, and apply the teachings.


You will be able to withdraw from the program, without penalty, and receive a prorated refund. Anyone withdrawing from the program within the first 4 months will receive a full refund. All withdrawals, requesting a refund, must be in writing.


At the University of Medical Spiritual Healing, our mission is to help individuals understand the psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual causative aspects of disease while integrating healing through Medical Spiritual Healing methods, in conjunction with conventional, medical healing practices.


At UMSH we aim to help each individual become a better person, living a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, while they walk closer to, and benefit from, the proximity to the Divine.


Your commitment to 3 years of personal healing and transformation will change every aspect of your life, health, and relationships. You’ll begin to notice this transformation usually within the 1st year.

Choose to be an innovator in your own life, and in the art of healing, while broadening your healing knowledge, skills, and practice!

If you would like more information, or need help enrolling, contact Carol Jamila Sontag:

Phone: 1-888-237-5233, Ext. 1
Direct Line: 305-206-4540