Dhikr and Dua

A Teaching on Dhikr and Dua

Turning to God and asking for what we want or making a supplication in our time of need is the essence of all faith. The belief that a power greater than ourselves sustains us and responds to us with mercy and generosity is the trust in God that makes us turn in prayer to the Divine. In the Sufi way, this practice is called making Dua. The ritual ablution before this prayer symbolizes a purifying of our base human qualities and a washing that cleanses our heart and soul. The washing helps us taste humility and return to courtesy, the deep polite. This place of humility is where we set our intention, for ourselves, our families, our community or the world at large. Then we turn in remembrance to God, and make adh-Dhikr by facing God in the garden of the Soul. The Divine doesn’t need this remembrance. Each time we remember, we return to the source and we purify our soul to be one with the Beloved. With remembrance we experience a longing for proximity to the Beloved.

“The remembrance of the name needs to be done by a special person, at a special place and at a special time. The remembrance is very Holy. It is like the Peace, it is not for everyone…When a person does not know, he does not say anything. Then when he wants to know, he begins to remember the name all the time. This remembering is necessary for him to become complete. When he is complete, he remembers himself and no other. Because he has become one with the name, when he remembers the name of God, he also remembers himself. He is the mirror of God, for him to see himself reflected. Each remembrance cleans this mirror to reflect only the qualities of God.”   Sidi Mohammed Al Jamal, Music of the Soul.

Sufis prescribe remembrance before first light and in the early hours of dawn when the outer world sleeps. This is the time when our connection is unencumbered by the outer pulls of the world and the Divine generosity is most accessible. It is the time to ask Allah for our outer circumstances and the well-being for our hearts and souls. Sufi Master and poet Rumi used to say again and again,

“In the name of God, see to it that you pray constantly, so that your worldly means and heirs and friends become numerous; when the Resurrection comes, you will console your friends through these prayers. It is certain that, through the blessing that is attached to prayer, anyone who asks and begs will be granted their desires both on path and in the world.”

Rumi instructs us to make Dua for our self and for our Spirit, and to do this constantly. Praying in community and group supplication is one of the strongest ways of bringing down Divine Mercy.  It is the deep way in which we can truly help our friends and loved ones, by praying with them and praying for them.

Blessings of peace to you always.

Jaffe Support Team