Make 2019 Your Year of Healing

Make 2019 Your Year of Healing

As we just crossed into the New Year, the time for fresh starts and revisioning our future is upon us. This is also a perfect time to renew our commitment to our personal and spiritual growth.

Dr. Jaffe and his Master Healers are committed to helping those of you who are ready to heal. We are also committed to offering a path that trains individuals who want to become Medical Spiritual Healers or who want to learn how to heal themselves.

Dr. Jaffe is offering an updated FOUNDATIONS OF MEDICAL SPIRITUAL HEALING program. This special program will consist of six 2-hour online classes, with the option to join for an additional cost, in a LIVE, in-person, 3-day interactive healing experience.

This new format allows you to learn from your home, from anywhere in the world, and to then come together in person, to get the full healing transmissions and teaching experience.

The FOUNDATIONS OF MEDICAL SPIRITUAL HEALING program is also the starting path for those who want to learn Medical Spiritual Healing in 2019 and beyond.

We have limited slots for this new special program that will begin next month on Monday, February, 18, 2019. If you are interested in being considered for this program, book a call here to learn more:

>>> Click here to Schedule Your Foundations of Medical Spiritual Healing Personal Call:

Through this program you will learn:

  • How to Find the Underlying Cause of Illness Rather than ONLY Treat the Effects
  • Learn the Connection between Physical and Spiritual Healing
  • Learn How to Be In Service and Receive Healing from Your Soul
  •  Learn to Connect to Your Heart and Receive Healing and Transformation through Love and Oneness.

This is a powerful course and pathway for those ready to go all-in this year for their growth and transformation. By each one of us committing to our own healing, can we come back and serve others in the world.

If this is something you long for then schedule your call here:

We hope to see many of you in this updated Foundations of Medical Spiritual Healing training!

Peace and blessings,

Ibrahim Jaffe, MD,
Master Healers, and Staff

Invitation to Highest Divine Purpose

Invitation to Highest Divine Purpose

Dear Friends,

We have come to the time of year where we need to evaluate what has occurred this year and how we can improve or refine what happened. All things we do and create should be focused son completing our goals to know love and Oneness.

Please take time to make a list of all of your projects and how well they have done and what needs to happen for you to complete them with excellence. Then begin your new creation for 2019.

Blessings and Peace, Dr. Jaffe


What is the Divine asking of you in the New Year?

The level to which you manifest your gifts comes from your willingness and commitment to align with your soul, while clearing what stands in the way.

When you connect with the light of your soul’s calling, you will discover the doors of infinite opportunities open up to support you

Join Dr. Jaffe on a FREE introductory call, and learn how you can begin the journey toward achieving your Highest Divine Purpose in 2019!


Wednesday, December 5, 2018​​​​at 5:30 PM Pacific Time

To learn more about the upcoming HIGHEST DIVINE PURPOSE teleseminar course, visit the HIGHEST DIVINE PURPOSE course webpage , or call Carol Jamila Sontag at 1-888-237-5233, Ext 1 or 305-206-4540 .