The Ones Brought Near:

In this video, Ibrahim discusses the luminous veils of the soul stations.

This is a beautiful class about the perfecting of the soul and the dark ambiguities and luminous veils that a traveler must walk through while on the Sufi path.



Introduction to Advanced Sufi Walking:

The Luminous Veils of the Sufi Way.

Ibrahim discusses the deep stations of the soul and the secret. He touches on the points and levels that are addressed and what is needed when spiritually walking at these advanced levels.



Remembrance for Clearing:

Video clip from the Introduction to Advanced Sufi Walking presentation

This is a short video of the clearing remembrance practice that Ibrahim led during the Introduction to Advanced Sufi Walking Program.  It is a powerful video clip that can be listened to and practiced anytime that clarity is needed during your day.



99 Names of Allah

AlHalim is the One who is kind, gracious and serene in all situations. He is calm and deliberate, never hasty, even with the rebellious and wrongdoers.



99 Names of Allah

AlQayyum exists absolutely on His own, not through others, while every being exists through Him and because of Him.Nothing, no life whatever, can ever be sustained without Him.
Al-Qayyum is the ever-Lasting, the Eternal Who never suffers extinction. He effects justice and equity, Who is self- Sustaining, Who never sleeps.



99 Names of Allah

Al-Wāhid indicates the solitary Starting Point, the One Source, the First of the Many, from which all of creation has arisen as manifestations of Unity. From a human point of view, the manifestations may appear separate and diverse, but in reality they are One.


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