Dr Ibrahim Jaffe Is a prolific speaker who brings forth a message of hope, healing, peace and oneness for people of all faiths through the tenants of Sufism and the understanding of spiritual healing.

Dr. Jaffe speaks on many topics including Sufism, spirituality, and spiritual healing.  He also speaks about healing the blocks to manifesting out inner brilliance and finding and developing true spiritual and loving relationships.

Finally his healing work has led to deep understanding of how to heal conflict and bring peace.

The message of Dr. Jaffe will help to uplift people and heal peoples hearts who are experiencing pain and suffering and are seeking healing.

Dr. Jaffe has found that through helping people connect to Divinity and finding the peace, love, mercy and healing that flows from 99 Names of God that  we can find a source of sanctuary, rest, healing, guidance and wisdom in our lives.

Sufi - Spiritual Speaker - Dr Jaffe

Through understanding why things go wrong in our lives it is easy to understand what is needed to fix them.

Through understanding the inner reasons that suffering and pain have appeared and learning what they  have come to teach us  in our lives we can change our lives.

By learning these lessons in a gentle,positive and kind way we can quickly change our lives from suffering and pain to one where we experience and enjoy the success, health, well being and happiness that we are seeking.

Dr. Jaffe has been a featured speaker through many platforms and has spoken at the United Nations, Harvard Divinity School and to the Staff at Harvard.  He has taught at many universities, Chinese medical colleges, and to audiences across the USA,  Europe, and Latin America.

Additionally, Dr. Jaffe has provided guidance and consultation to world leaders internationally.


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