Secrets of Spiritual Healing

Teleseminar Series


This course will introduce the “principles and practices” of Spiritual Healing (SH), that have supported thousands of people, of all faiths, in healing diseases that have not responded well to other systems of care. Spiritual Healing addresses the underlying emotional and traumatic issues stored within our bodies that often cause traditional western medical treatment to be ineffective, or merely palliative in nature. By finding these hidden causes within our beings, we often can pull the disease out by its roots.

Through releasing the roots, other treatments can begin to work effectively and this, many times, leads to complete and permanent healing from disease, illness, and suffering. SH works synergistically with conventional western medicine and other therapeutic methods including Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, complementary medicine, and most other systems of healing. It is not necessary to give up your current treatment plan, or to stop working with your physician. Rather, all methods are brought together to give the best chance for true healing to occur. These principles have helped people from all religions and spiritual paths to achieve successful healing results, including those following Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and many other spiritual traditions.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to connect your heart with the Divine Heart, Light and Love of God.
  • How to move from your head to your heart so that you can address emotional issues at their core, while learning how to live and heal diseases from your heart.
  • How to directly connect to the Divine Reality (God) accessing the Miraculous Divine Light through Remembrance of God.
  • How to realign your heart and connection to The Divine Names often leading to successful healing.
  • How to learn, understand, and walk through the heart, transforming the hidden trauma and pain within, leading to dramatic healing within the physical, mental, psychological and emotional bodies.
  • How to discover the secret spiritual teachings, drawn from Sufism, that when completed, open one to healing of the spirit and body together through the following practices:
    • Remembrance—Reciting the name of God.
    • Tawba—Asking God for forgiveness.

***This course is recommended before the essential Foundations of Spiritual Healing Online course, but it is not a prerequisite



To sign up for the waiting list for this course, or for more information, call Carol Jamila Sontag at 305-206-4540 (EST) or email

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