by | Dec 3, 2015

“When you find the love you find yourself.”



The Door of Divine Spirituality is a door of immense possibilities. Each step that we take on our spiritual path brings us closer to the Divine Reality of love, peace, unity, and oneness.

It is through our spiritual walking that we discover who we truly are.

When we are able to open our hearts fully to the Reality of Divine Love, we begin to experience complete ecstasy and oneness.

“Through these special teachings, you can discover the true Divine nature of your heart and your soul.”

Dr. Jaffe shares with you several Sufi teachings and practices that can help you to open your heart more fully to the reality of Divine Love.

Through these special teachings, you can discover the true Divine nature of your heart and your soul.

These teachings can also help you to cleanse and purify your heart so that you can find true love, peace, and beauty in your life.

    • Learn how to find, open and experience the hearts beauty.
    • Discover the secrets and tenderness of the deep love.
    • Learn how to walk through the 28 heart stations to reach the Blessings of the World of Unity and Divine Proximity.
    • Discover powerful methods of purification that will accelerate your path.


Secrets of Sufism Audio Tele-Course

During this dynamic new tele-class series, Dr. Jaffe will reveal the Secrets of Sufism, and how we can apply them in our daily lives to find true love, healing, and happiness.  These tools can be used to raise your inner light and bring out your deep personal purity.  This course is for those who want to learn how to travel the Sufi Path and learn it’s inner secrets.

Dr. Jaffe will share with us the specific tools and techniques that have been used successfully by thousands of people to radically transform their lives. These tools can be used by anyone who is seeking to find more peace and love in their life.

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The Voices Audio Course

The Voices course, brought to you by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, focuses on the voices that we hear inside of ourselves that are either encouraging us to walk toward God or in the opposite direction. Do you want to hear and obey the Voice of God (the voice of the angels)? Would you like direction minute by minute from God on making decisions that are pleasing to God and bring you deep happiness and peace? Are you often confused on which voice you are hearing?

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