Spiritual Relationships

The Door of Divine Relationship teaches you how to find and make your relationships into something that brings true joy and meaning into your life.

Relationships can be a path of intense personal growth and spiritual evolution. It is through the mirrors in our relationships, that we learn and discover more about our own inner being.

For many people, relationships with others can be a source of frustration and even pain. Many people do not have the tools to come together in a way that brings true joy and meaning to both parties.

Dr. Jaffe teachings reveal several valuable tools that can help you to find love in all of your relationships. These tools can help you transform all of your current relationships, including those involving family, friends, and even co-workers.  Dr. Jaffe teaches of the Seven C's of Relationship. These seven C's bring truth, love, light, and joy into our relationships:

CONNECTION: The importance of always maintaining a heartfelt connection. Learning first to connect to the higher light of Divinity within the relationship and then to each other.

COMMITMENT: Make a commitment to love, a commitment to speaking from love and truth, and a commitment to the relationship itself.

CARING: Learn to transmit and extend love straight to the heart of another. Discover the secrets of giving and receiving the love from the deeper heart so that each person's real needs are fully met.

COMMUNICATION: Learn how to communicate effectively and with love in every situation. Understand how loving communication and deep politeness can bring love, harmony, and peace into your relationships and household. Discover the art of active listening, which allows you to truly hear and understand what the underlying and unspoken needs are.

CLEARING: Sometimes things come up inside of ourselves, that need to be cleaned and cleared in order for the love to continue to flow. Learn to clear these blocks that are often the source of pain and separation.

CONTAINMENT: There are times when we cannot break free of our patterns. Understand how to “contain” with patience and love all situations, even those that may take time to change.

COMMUNION: Come together in love as one heart and one soul. Experience how when two hearts merge together, the relationship becomes peaceful, harmonious, and full of love.

 If both people begin following these seven steps, real love, peace, and intimacy to begin to grow in the relationship.

When you practice the teachings in this class, you will see the love begin to re-emerge and grow all of your relationships.

Through these teachings, the essential love can blossom to turn your relationships into one of the most beautiful and valuable aspects of your life.

  • Learn the Sufi Way of healing the broken heart and mending relationships.
  • Discover the adventure of two hearts becoming One
  • Learn how to open the deep and abiding love between two beloveds.



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