The Divine Qualities Course 2


Learning to understand the inner reality of the Divine Qualities and to be able to bring forth their Healing Possibilities is one of the Greatest Gifts of Sufism AND one of the deepest aspects of spiritual healing and transformation.

In this course, Ibrahim teaches the second group of 33 qualities over an eleven-part series.

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In this course we will be working on a much  deeper  recognition, experiential understanding and practical usage of the qualities in many different situations – particularly their use in creating change and healing.

During each class session, we will focus on three of the qualities, and do the following:

  • Understand – learn the MEANING of each quality
  • Application – learn WHEN to use them
  • Identification – learn HOW to identify the quality – feel them as they manifest into reality
  • Experience – you will directly EXPERIENCE each quality
  • Purification – learn how to PURIFIY one's own human qualities for Divine Qualities
  • Healing – experience personal HEALING through the application of each Divine Quality

If you truly understand the Qualities and embody them, you will find that everything in your life will work better and that there will be more ease, gentleness, and beauty in your life.


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