Secrets of Sufism Audio Course


  • Secrets of Sufism:  Why you need a path
  • Secrets of Sufi Spiritual healing: Understanding purification
  • Secrets of Sufi Walking to God:  Purification of the Heart
  • Secrets of Sufi Tawba:  Finding the way back to God
  • Secrets of the 99 Names of God: How to come closer to God
  • Sufi knowledge: Learning about the Guides, Books, teachers
  • Secrets of Love in Sufism:  Opening the Heart to Essential Love
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During this dynamic series, Dr. Jaffe reveals the Secrets of Sufism, and how we can apply them in our daily lives to find true love, healing, and happiness.  These tools can be used to raise your inner light and bring out your deep personal purity.  This course is for those who want to learn how to travel and learn the inner secrets of the Sufi Path.

Dr. Jaffe will shares the specific tools and techniques that have been used successfully by thousands of people to radically transform their lives. These tools can be used by anyone who is seeking to find more peace and love in their life.


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