The Divine Qualities Courses: Full Set of 3


Learning to understand the inner reality of the Divine Qualities and to be able to bring forth their Healing Possibilities is one of the Greatest Gifts of Sufism AND one of the deepest aspects of spiritual healing and transformation.

In this 3-course collection, Ibrahim teaches all of the 99 qualities over an thirty-three-part series.

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This beautiful set of courses is all about opening the doorways of your heart for the 99 Qualities of God to come into your life.  Each of the Qualities of God represents a special light of God.  When the light of the Quality begins to come into your life reality begins to shift, God consciousness goes from black and white to full color, and a new opening to Love is created for us.  This course is made up of 33 classes, approximately 90 minutes each.  In each class Ibrahim brings teaching and experience to each of the 99 Qualities in an effort to bring them to life.  This course is fundamental to your Spiritual walking and advanced for your experience with God.


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