Manifesting Your Brilliance Courses 1&2


Are you ready to have a life that is aligned with your true purpose, full of resplendence, joy and beauty?

If you feel it is your time, then allow Ibrahim to guide you in discovering your truth and the gifts you are meant to carry into this world! 

This course will can help to move you forward, towards your life-long goals.


  • Clearly define your “individual brilliance“ and your action plan
  • Illuminate and free all of the hidden places that are resisting change and keeping you stuck
  • Find the inspiration and momentum to carry your unique message out to the world
  • Find and release the deepest roots of disease within the soul, so the soul can radiate its truth

Take the step to truly discover your real gifts and the value of those gifts for others and to the world. In this course you will explore the positive aspects of your nature. Learn who you really are, what your strengths are and how you can unveil these aspects to have true success in your life.

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Are you ready to have more success and fulfillment in your life? Are you ready to utilize your God given gifts and talents to your fullest potential?

Sometimes, even though we know that we have something special to share with the world, we are not able to fully manifest our highest potential. When we are not living to our full potential, this can lead to states of frustration, depression and even hopelessness. This is because we often have physical and emotional issues that chronically sabotage our forward momentum. Sometimes we just need to gain enough clarity to create a successful action plan that will allow our gifts to move out into the world.

Manifesting Your Brilliance will help to move your forward towards your life long goals.


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