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by Jun 8, 2017

Learn how Spiritual Healing Complements
Traditional Treatment to enhance the response and facilitate resolution of the disease process.

Professional Program for Physicians' Patients

Spiritual Healing is an important adjunct to the traditional medical care you are offering your patients.

As I am sure you know, today many people are seeking to understand the inner dimension of their illness. There is tremendous research and numerous articles published in the mainstream press about spiritual healing, and getting to the root causes of disease.

In today's competitive health care market, the best physicians and leading hospitals, such as Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson, Memorial, and others, are offering spiritual healing and complementary medicine to their patients.

The Spiritual Healing programs we offer are examples of the self-healing courses we would offer to your patients as an adjunct to the care you are providing. Of course, you would always be the attending physician and in charge of the patient's care.

I am sure that this program will deeply support the psychological and spiritual health of your patients, while helping you to deliver the medical care they need. I personally feel this will help you to be one of the most respected and valued caregivers of your community.

Please examine the information below and contact my office at 917-658-5290 for information.

Sincerely, Dr. Jaffe

A free offer to Professionals

Introduction to Spiritual Healing, three-part video series

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Patient Handout
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