FREE Yourself of Dis-ease and Life Challenges Through Spiritual Healing & Divine Connection

Wilson Chapel 234 Herrick Rd., Newton Center

Every illness and life challenge has its own unique energetic pattern and set of beliefs that lie underneath. Just like the DNA in our bodies, these unique patterns store all the information we need to know about an area of dis-ease or challenge, including its origin, what happened before it manifested, and what is needed […]

Tawba of the Soul

Chabot Center Clara Barton Camp 60 Clara Barton Rd, North Oxford

Our guide, Sidi Muhammad al Jamal wrote and taught us about the four layers of the heart. In this class Ibrahim helps us understand tawba in relation to these four layers — nafs, heart, soul and spirit. Together we will look at the differences in these levels of tawba and their effects on our walking […]

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