Foundations of Spiritual Healing

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The Foundations of Spiritual Healing Course is Dr. Jaffe’s premier introductory course for learning to heal serious illness, life-threatening disease, pain, suffering, physical difficulties, psychological ailments, or spiritual issues. It is also the introductory course for those who wish to become a professional healer or to integrate Spiritual Healing into their current practice.

The Foundations Course will teach you how to heal yourself and heal others, through finding the direct issues or root causes within the subconscious and the heart that eventually manifest into disease. You will receive the essential teachings of how to purify these root causes through addressing and transforming the inner dimensions of suffering. Once addressed, this allows the body’s natural immune system to work more effectively and facilitate healing, God Willing. Extra support through receiving weekly healing from our Spiritual Healing practitioners is available as well!

Dr. Jaffe welcomes people of all religions, faiths, and spiritual paths to study with him. He honors your religion and spiritual practice. Spiritual Healing will work within your spiritual tradition. He also encourages you to continue your care with your current doctor or therapist whom you trust. This creates a synergistic approach, supporting traditional medicine’s effectiveness. This often leads to a reduction of your suffering and the complete healing of disease in many cases.

Research increasingly indicates there is usually some suffering from stress, loss, or pain preceding the onset of many diseases. Even as far back as the 1950’s, stress and disease were known to be related to each other. Nobel Prize Nominee, Hans Selye demonstrated how an organism’s “stress response” negatively impacts the body’s adrenal, endocrine, thymic, gastric, and immune responses. [1] Today, prestigious medical journals, such as the Annals of Oncology, readily acknowledge that “Spirituality is an integral dimension of human beings and has been recognized as a critical factor in the health and well-being of patients.” [2]

Complete, lasting healing can occur when one identifies and transforms both the inner and outer dimensions of illness together. Conventional Medicine works with the outer expressions of illness to evaluate and protect one’s physical body, so one’s physician’s supervision and care play a primary role. However, in most cases, this outer care misses the underlying factors anchoring or gluing disease in place. Spiritual healing addresses the inner dimension of illness. Hidden within the subconscious these stresses, repressed traumas, painful emotions, erroneous beliefs, and internal sufferings are truly responsible for diseases. The former head of the American Osteopathic Association, Richard Darby, DO, called studying with Dr. Jaffe “a truly remarkable learning experience.” With Spiritual Healing, you combine the best of both worlds, with certainty that you are doing everything possible to ensure your highest potential for your most desirable outcome of real healing!

This is a six-class course that meets for two hours each session, from 5:00 – 7:00 PM Pacific Time. The classes are interactive and will include lectures, healing demos, and experiential exercises, with personal support and guidance. Dr. Jaffe will present live teachings, alternating with his Master Healer teachers, who will present videos of Ibrahim teaching, followed each time by a live Q&A session. Between each class you will have time to practice self-healing and healings with your fellow students. In addition, the course tuition will include a 1-hour personal-healing session with one of Dr. Jaffe’s Master Healers. This will afford you the added opportunity to accelerate your healing process. As an added bonus, and for an additional charge, you will be given the opportunity to attend a 3-day live onsite intensive to help integrate these deep teachings and to help practice and hone, your healing skills.

While Dr. Jaffe’s students have had great success with this system, understand that all healing ultimately is in the Hands of God. The final result is through God’s Bestowal. The sincerity of your practices and the work you put in will also affect your success.


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Primary topics Dr. Jaffe, and his Master Healer Teachers, will cover throughout the course:

 1. CONNECTING TO GOD: The first and most important step is the direct connection to God and is often where one falls short. This is where the Sufis have excelled. It involves dropping deeply into your heart and calling on the light of God. This is the key to all healing, learning how to open the heart to accept God’s Divine Light. This personal inner connection is the most important part of our lives and can lead to tremendous healing of disease and illness. You will learn how to directly access God’s Healing Lights in this module.

2. PROBLEMS TO PATTERN: Finding the inner pattern of illness is the key that leads to spiritual healing! The pattern appears from the inner dimensional causes, such as anger, and then creates malfunctioning in the biochemistry of the body. Disease manifests from this malfunction. In this module, you will learn how to identify the manifesting pattern and how you can transform it. This alone often leads to change in the disease process and healing!

3. FEELING SENSE PATTERN (FSP):It is advisable to begin each healing session with an Opening Prayer or The Fatihah. The Divine Name/Quality of God, The Opener/Ya Fattah has a lot to do with finding the FSP. The sound vibrations help to open the pattern into the deeper levels. The Feeling Sense Pattern is very powerful and can take you backward or forward in time, helping you to find when the issue, problem, or disease first appeared. The FSP is like a bubble or balloon of essential light that you want to reach and is where many of your memories are stored. Changing your FSP can change your biochemistry and help to heal disease and alleviate problems or issues.

4. OPENING & ENTERING THE PATTERN ONTO THE STAGE: Once you have found the pattern, you need to enter into it to open your inner reality (STAGE).  This is the place, within your subconscious, where unresolved issues are played out. Incomplete, or traumatic, experiences and memories, become frozen inside of you (subconscious). These stick to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit creating pain or illness. Learning to unfold the emotions are KEY to opening the pattern, and for healing.

5. ISSUES, MEMORIES/EXPERIENCES, IMAGES: In this step you come to understand what your deeper hidden needs are and find holy ways to resolve them. This keeps you from being dependent on others and gives you inner freedom within. Once the pattern is opened, you enter into the subconscious, into the state, where you have your hidden memories, images, beliefs, and issues attached either to your body, emotions, or mind, causing suffering, illness, and disease. The secret to healing is hidden in the subtle patterns. Your feelings lead you to the subtle world. The patterns can be unraveled releasing trapped images, issues, and experiences creating freedom from disease. This facilitates you helping to create a Godly, Holy, Healthy pattern.

6. RESOLUTION, TEACHING, ACTIVATION: The final step is to take this healing into action and to practice it so that it becomes natural to your being and a comfortable way to be. This is similar to riding a bicycle where you don’t have to think about the process, as it has naturally integrated into your being. Once you have understood why the illness, issue, or problem existed in the first place, you are on your wat to finally being free. Your issue or disease often disappears at this point. Remember, however, that some illnesses are like onions and you may have to repeat this process through each layer for the illness to fully resolve.


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Live classes will take place on Monday and Thursday evenings at 5:00 PM Pacific Time, and will last approximately 2 hours.
Classes are recorded – replays will be available in case you miss a live call or you would like to review.

June 10, 2019

June 13, 2019

June 17, 2019

June 20, 2019

June 24, 2019

June 27, 2019


Foundations Course Participants' Testimonials

“I've found that as I have worked with cleansing and washing away the issues that it really has created more room for love in my life and I really see it in all of my relationships – my relationship with my husband, with my children, with my friends – just a deeper level of love and a greater level of compassion.”

“Like [my classmate] said, I thought I had a connection before, but in this class, I've learned to take my connection from something that was really abstract to something that is really beautiful and intimate and very reliable and consistent and something that I can always turn to.”

“The process itself, the steps, what Ibrahim has laid out: it's just a wonderful process. It's almost like a technology that takes you step by step and really kind of moves you through it to completion, which is wonderful.”

“When [the Divine Qualities] do come in I can really feel them and I can get a flavor or a sense of what they are, and they are to me like medicine; they really are like a medicine.”

“I've found that as I have worked with cleansing and washing away the issues that it really has created more room for love in my life and I really see it in all of my relationships – my relationship with my husband, with my children, with my friends – just a deeper level of love and a greater level of compassion.”

[1] Szabo S, Tache Y, Somogyi A. The legacy of Hans Selye and the origins of stress research: A retrospective 75 years after his landmark brief “Letter” to the Editor of Nature. Stress. September 2012; 15(5):472-8.
[2] C. M. Puchalski; Spirituality in the cancer trajectory, Annals of Oncology, Volume 23, Issue suppl_3, 1 April 2012, Pages 49–55,

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