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University Of Medical Spiritual Healing (UMSH): October, 2018

October 27 - October 30

The University of Medical Spiritual Healing (UMSH) teaches Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH) techniques and practices to both professional healthcare practitioners and to individuals seeking healing from illnesses.

The mission of UMSH is to integrate the psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual, and causative aspects of healing with conventional methods, while simultaneously teaching individuals how to become the best person that they can be by walking closer to, and benefiting from, the Divine.

Today, healthcare is moving towards a more spiritual, compassionate & loving, and holistic approach. People are seeking healthcare practitioners who can assess, understand, and address the inner causes of illnesses and suffering, as well as provide sound, conventional healing. Medical Spiritual Healing is a profoundly successful spiritual healing method that has benefitted many people from around the world. Trained practitioners currently offer MSH on six continents and in multiple languages.

Medical Spiritual Healing integrates Sufi Spiritual Healing methods, heart-centered healing, with subtle (energetic) healing, and conventional medical knowledge into a comprehensive system of healing illnesses and suffering. MSH healers are also taught to work with the conventional allopathic medical, health, and alternative-healing systems practiced around the world today. The outcome of this innovative process has led to both direct and indirect healing of many serious diseases. Medical Spiritual Healing augments the effectiveness of allopathic medicine by supporting current methods of healing. Over a hundred thousand people have benefited from these teachings and healings.

It is our hope that healthcare professionals will incorporate these meaningful teachings and understandings into their current practices. By addressing the inner spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical, and hidden causes of disease, one can become a healer who truly can offer patients, and clients, the best possible support for their healing.

Three tracks of healing avenues are offered: Self-Healing, Professional Certification, and Sufi Spiritual Walking & Purification.

The UMSH programs meet for a time period of either 4, 10, or 20 months. It is recommended that people who have a serious illness, or wish to fully transform their lives, enroll in the 20-month program for the most complete healing experience.

Your commitment to 1.5 years of personal healing and transformation will change every aspect of your life, health, and relationships.

Please join Dr. Jaffe and his Master Healers, and embark on this unique journey of self-healing and self-discovery that will also develop your abilities to help others. Choose to be an innovator in your own life and in the art of healing while broadening your healing skills and healing practice!

The first-class session will begin
October 27-30, 2018
and will be held at the
Hilton Los Angeles Airport, CA

The UMSH is open to people of all faiths, religions, and creeds.
We welcome anyone wanting to learn how to heal in this special way while deepening their connection to the One.


Call Carol Jamila Sontag 888-237-5233 EXT. 1 or 305-206-4540


October 27
October 30
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