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The Ones Brought Near

May 25, 2016 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Introduction to Advanced Sufi Walking:

The Ones Brought Near

Wedsnesday, May 25th

The Masters of the Sufi way, lay emphasis on sincerity, and a deep politeness and longing that become the door to divine grace and favor. These are the prescriptions for the those who yearn for the deep proximity with their Beloved Lord and reach their highest potential as human beings.

The Advanced Sufi Walking Program, is about understanding and reaching our highest possibility as human beings. It aides the traveler in the deep walking of the soul through the higher stations to the Unity, the Baqa and beyond. These are the highest levels of human consciousness and require the greatest willingness and surrender to give everything for the face of Allah.

This new program starts in July, and is designed to annihilate the human self, the nafs, and to allow the presence of the haqiqah (truth) to appear in the human being's heart. It is the beginning of one's true journey in the world of God and it is the beginning of ones recognition as a “Wali” or a “Friend of Allah.” In the Quran, they are also called the “Muqarrabun” and are described as “Those are the Ones brought near” (Quran 56:11). They are the ones whom Allah has become happy with because of their giving, commitment and the sincerity of their intentions. They are those who have realized the greatest possibilities through annihilation and have entered into the Highest Presence. They are going through the purification process to become ready to carry the station of shams al haqiqah.

Please join Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe on this journey as he discusses his new program in a free video webinar this Wednesday. This introductory class will teach about the Luminous veils of the way and the task at hand for those who aspire to be the Ones Brought Near.

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Date: Wednesday, May 25th 2016

Time: 5:00pm PDT / 8:00pm EDT

Click here to listen to a short audio recording by Ibrahim to Introduce this FREE call>

In this Class Ibrahim will address:

  • How arrogance limits us from reaching the world of Unity

  • Knowing who you are and what your highest possibility is.

  • Prescriptions for the nafs al Mulhammah, the third station of the soul

  • The flashes of the qualities and how they can veil the Divine Essence

  • The places where the Righteous often get stuck in their walking and only the Ones brought near ascend.

The good deeds of the Righteous are the bad deeds of the Ones Brought Near, for the latter do not stop at the station of righteousness, but ascend from one station to the next until they reach. Sidi says in He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord,

O seeker of perfection! Rise up and abandon the frivolities of the ego. Beware of becoming arrogant because of what has appeared to you of unification and do not let this be the cause of your return to obstruction in your quest of lofty goals, but seek help in tearing whatever luminous veils still remain and seek the Presence of the Singularity. Do not turn in your way to the lofty flashes because they are [luminous] veils that prevent you from approaching the Highest Essence.”

It is natural to be overwhelmed at this stage of the journey. The Seeker needs a teacher who can help them cross into the reality of the soul and carry them to the shore of the Real. Please join Ibrahim for this deeply moving, two-year program Advanced Sufi Walking.

For more information about registration and payment plans,

call Jamila at 1-888-237-5233, ext 2.


For those committed to being in the program, we are taking $1,000 off the course price and offering the first intensive session at the beautiful Mago Retreat, with room and meals included.

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May 25, 2016
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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