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Secrets of Sufism – Finding Love, Healing, and Happiness through the Sufi Way

October 29, 2014 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Secrets of Sufism
Finding Love, Healing, and Happiness through the Sufi Way

Special Tele-Class Series

During this dynamic new tele-class series, Dr. Jaffe will reveal the Secrets of Sufism, and how we can apply them in our daily lives to find true love, healing, and happiness.

Dr. Jaffe will share with us the specific tools and techniques that have been used successfully by thousands of people to radically transform their lives. These tools can be used by anyone who is seeking to find more peace and love in their life.

Some of the Course Topics:

Spiritual Healing and Purification:

Purification is one of the first steps towards complete Spiritual Healing and ecstatic union with the Divine.

Our heart's need cleansing and purification because our hearts can become clouded by life events, images, pain, and other emotions and pictures that may cloud the divine mirror of our hearts. Our hearts are made to be beacons of Divine light and love. In order to keep our hearts in a constant state of love, we must purify anything within ourselves that is stopping or blocking the flow of this love. There are several different Sufi Practices that can help us to purify the mirror of our hearts. When we purify ourselves, this allows us to wash away any pictures and illusions that may be keeping us caught in suffering and separation. When you clean the heart, you heal the underlying pictures, images, and imbalances that are the causes of our pain and disease.

Remembrance – The Master Key in Sufism:

The Remembrance is one of the core and essential Sufi practices that will help you to open and access the light of love within your heart.  When used correctly, the Sufi practice of remembrance is like a fine brush that goes in and polishes every single facet of your heart's inner jewel. The Remembrance can help you to clean your heart from any illusions, pain, or suffering that you may be holding onto.  When you learn and practice the Remembrance, your heart will steadily become illuminated with more and more Divine Light.  This Divine light is what feeds and nourishes our souls, and it is a key component to true health and well-being. 

Tawba – The process of returning to the Divine:

Tawba teaches us how to return our hearts to back to a state of love, when we know we have left it.  Tawba is also called the Divine Return. The practice of Tawba is considered to be the next most essential practice for those who wish to experience the love and beauty that these Sufi teachings offer.  Tawba teaches us how to leave that which is unimportant or hurtful to us, and to return back to that which is good, pure, and wholesome inside of ourselves.  Tawba is also one of the master keys that helps to facilitate true Spiritual Healing.

Additional Topics will include:

The inner reality of the heart, the Stations of the Heart, and how to journey through these spiritual heart stations.

The inner qualities of the true Sufi, and how to develop and strengthen these positive qualities with in yourself, (for example; politeness, sincerity, trust, patience)

How to use Sidi's books as a vehicle for purification and spiritual walking.

Recommended Book: He Who Knows Himself…Music of the Soul

The spiritual practices taught in this tele-class will help you to:

  • Transform old patterns so that you can create the life you want.
  • Find and live your soul's true Divine Purpose.
  • Live a life full of ease, joy, safety, and Divine connection.
  • Open your heart to receive endless Divine Love.

Are you ready to change your life?

Are you ready to find true love, peace, and healing?

If the answer is yes, then please join Sufi master teacher, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, MD, for this special tele-class series.

About Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe:

dr-jaffe-180x214Dr. Jaffe MD is a licensed medical doctor who, for the last 25 years, has pioneered advanced energetic and spiritual healing in the United States. He is one of the founders and is the former President of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism located in Napa Valley, CA.

Using a combination of western medicine and Sufi Spiritual Healing Techniques he has helped bring the Light of Healing to thousands of individuals who have suffered from various physical and emotional diseases.


Wednesdays: October 29th, November 5th, 12th, 19th, December 1st (MONDAY), 10th, 17th


5:30 – 7:00pm Pacific Time


Register today for – $190

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3 Payments of $64
(Total is $192)



October 29, 2014
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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