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Secrets of Self Healing 2

November 11, 2015 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Continue to Deepen Your
Personal Journey of Self-Healing

A New Tele-Class Series

A New Tele-Class Series Starts Nov 11*
*Early Reg Extended through Friday Nov 6th!*

In order to find true peace and lasting happiness in our lives, we need to be able to continually cross through our difficult emotions and challenging states, so that we can return again and again back to a state of love and unity.

If you want to reclaim your health and well-being, you must learn to master our own self-healing process!!

For this new tele-class series, Ibrahim will help you to travel along your personal self healing journey in an even deeper way. In this course Ibrahim will identify many helpful life tools and techniques that can help you to have even greater success with your healing.

Dr. Jaffe will unveil the secrets of the Self-Healing process and he will reveal how you can receive extraordinary results from these powerful healing methods. These spiritual healing methods have successfully changed and transformed the lives of thousands of people.

When you know how to heal your issues as they arise, your life becomes full of ease and Divine joy!!

This program consists of 7 tele-classes spread over a 3-month period.

Each class will meet for 1.5 hours.


Do you struggle with health issues or states of anger, guilt, shame, blame, self-sabotage, jealousy, spiritual burn out, or depression?

These states are part of what make us human.

These are states that we have all experienced.

How do we move past them when they arise with in us?

What is the secret to re-establishing our connection, our passion, and our love for life, when we encounter pain, stress, loss, and illness?

We can learn to heal these emotions inside of ourselves if we have the right tools.

Whether you are a very experienced healer or new to Sufi healing, this course can benefit you!!


  • Move quickly and easily through your emotions, anger, hurt, pain and fear whenever it arises.
  • Apply Sufi Healing methods internally for maximum success in your self-healing journey.
  • Release old and self-sabotaging patterns, and transform your limiting beliefs and doubts that may be keeping you from experiencing true joy and success.
  • Heal the underlying pictures, images, and imbalances that are the underlying causes of our pain and disease.


Spiritual Healing — Understand the foundational principles of healing so that you apply them correctly in your self-healing process.

Remembrance — The remembrance is one of the most powerful healing tools. When used correctly, the Sufi practice of remembrance is like a fine brush that goes in and polishes every single facet of your heart's inner jewel.

Tawba — The Sufi practice of tawba is essential in your self-healing journey. Learn how to use the tawba practice to heal unworthiness, shame, guilt, or other self-defeating voices.

Purification — Purification is one of the first steps towards complete Spiritual Healing. When we purify ourselves, this allows us to wash away any pictures and illusions that may be keeping us caught in suffering and separation.

Divine Love — Opening the heart to the experience of the beauty and fulfillment of Divine Love. In order to keep our hearts in a constant state of love, we must purify anything within ourselves that is stopping or blocking the flow of this love. When you learn to walk through your inner states and through the spiritual stations of love, you begin to experience the radiance, beauty, and wonderment of the heart realms.

Divine Guidance — When we are open to receiving Divine Wisdom and Guidance in our lives, then this will lead us to make Divinely Guided choices. When our life choices and actions are in alignment with the Divine, then we will experience true spiritual success and fulfillment in all areas of our lives.

The Divine Qualities — The 99 Divine Qualities are an essential part of the healing process, and one must learn how to integrate and embody the qualities for complete healing to occur.

Silence and Inner Peace — In order to find true balance, we need periods of both rest and integration, and activity and movement. Discover the secret of how inner peace and silence lead to the activation of the immune system and healing.

Spiritual Burnout and Depression — Learn how to get to the underlying causes of depression and stagnation, so that your energy can begin to flow again. Discover how to recharge yourself when you are in over-whelm or exhaustion.

Discipline — Developing discipline , commitment, and perseverance and how it will strengthen and accelerate your walking.

Authenticity — Authenticity, truthfulness,!and walking the path. How authenticity combined with Holiness leads to very beautiful way of living life.

Discrimination — Identification and discrimination of the voices of self, darkness and God. So that you develop true guidance and right and successful choices.

Mind — Using the mind to support, surrender and care for the heart. How living in the heart will lead to joy, beauty, and freedom from our inner prison.

Trials — Understanding, accepting, and dealing with divine trials. Learning how extracting the inner teachings from trials will lead to ease in life.

Love — Opening the heart to the experience of the beauty and fulfillment of the. deep love

Openness — Overcoming pride and living openly with humility, humbleness, and vulnerability so that we no longer need to spend time protecting and guarding ourselves.

Physical Healing — Learn how every physical ailment, also has a spiritual component. Learn how to find and clear the issues that may be causing your physical distress.

Self-responsibility and Ownership — These are two very important keys in your personal healing journey. When you begin to understand your life as a mirror, you can be in true self-responsibility. This teaching on the mirrors of existence is one of the most liberating and beautiful teachings in this course.

Core issues — Sometimes we have the same problem or theme of a problem come up over and over again. This is one of our core issues. Until you find and heal the core issue, this issue will continue to color almost every area of your reality. Dr. Jaffe will help you to find and heal these difficult places inside.

If you are looking for more happiness, joy, and satisfaction in your life, then this course can benefit you!

Please join us!




7 Wednesdays starting Nov 11, 2015
Nov 11, 18, Dec 2, 16, 30, Jan 13, 20


All classes will be from 5:00pm – 6:30pm Pacific Time. There will be 1-hour of teachings, and approximately 30 minutes for questions and answers. All classes will be recorded in case you need to miss a class.


$230  on or before November 6th
$255  after November 6th
Paymen Plans Available: 2 payments and 3 payments.




If you have any questions about this course, please send an email to or call 1-888-237-5233, ext 3.

About Dr. Ibrahim:


Dr. Jaffe MD is a licensed medical doctor who, for the last 25 years, has pioneered advanced energetic and spiritual healing in the United States. Educated at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago Dr. Jaffe is one of the founders and former President of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism located in Napa Valley, CA. Using a combination of western medicine and Sufi Spiritual Healing Techniques he has helped bring the Light of Healing to thousands of individuals who have suffered from various physical and emotional diseases.


November 11, 2015
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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