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Personal Retreat Intensive – Sedona

August 17, 2017 - August 20, 2017

You are invited to join Dr. Jaffe for another very special Personal Retreat program in beautiful Sedona, Arizona (registration closes June 12, limited to 12 people). This event is always the highlight of our year, as it is filled with amazing beauty and profound transformation.

This is your opportunity to work in a small group setting of only 12 people with several days of focused, personalized attention from Ibrahim Jaffe. This workshop will unfold in a unique way that is formed by the hearts and needs of the individuals attending, as well as the heart of the group as a whole.

“I am forever grateful to God for orchestrating our meeting and everything that Allah has done to make this life magical. Praise God! Thank you! Many, many are praying for him (my son)”

A nurse who hadn't even been involved in my son's care stopped by the last day of our stay in the NICU.
“Your birth story is legendary”… This is not exactly the response I was looking for when I went into labor.

The Doula who worked with us said she had only given my son a 95% chance survival rate. She had also seen me after working with Dr. Jaffe and the 99 Divine Qualities of God – She couldn't believe how serene I looked… and this is before getting his MRI. While working with Dr. Jaffe I just knew that this is something I had to do. This was the only thing that I could do – to help my son, my family and myself.

His doctors gave him a 50/50 chance of living… A 60/40 chance of possible brain damage.

Shoulder dystocia on wikipedia accurately describes much of what happened – that and Intrauterine Hypoxia.
My son still has brachial plexus damage – but we are hopeful that with occupational therapy and continued prayer he will continue to heal. Where he is today is a far cry from where he was when he was born. I don't even like to mention how bad it really was.

I had taken a few healing classes during my pregnancy…
One of those classes was the Self Healing Class with Dr Jaffe. I had just started to learn some of the basic Sufi practices… The Rememberance, The Tauwba, and had started carrying around a copy of the Fatiha. I called Dr Jaffe because I needed help. I needed to remove the blocks that got in the way of my self healing, and my healing of others. I had received one healing session from him prior to this experience, and I had my husband receive one of his healing sessions as well. Everything seemed to fall right in place and it was easy for me to get into a healing session for my son. We worked more than four hours. At the beginning of the first healing session for my son my OB doctor happened to walk into the room. My husband explained I was on the phone with Dr. Jaffe. We got my OB doc on the line too… “How does he know this stuff?”
“It's hard to explain” my husband said, “unless you have experienced a healing session with him yourself.”

My time spent in the hospital involved nurses praying for us, friends, family and strangers praying. A few knew of my work with Dr. Jaffe… one person who knew about my Self Healing class experience with him said, “I don't know that your son would be here had you not done what you had done.”

I am very thankful for the work of Dr. Jaffe and specifically his work with the 99 Divine Qualities of God.


August 17, 2017
August 20, 2017
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