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2015 Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe MD Patient Healing Program

August 25, 2015 @ 8:00 am - August 31, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

Breakthrough To True Healing
A 2015-16 Patient Healing Program


The Most Powerful Healing Program and Intensive To-Date Offered by Dr. Jaffe MD
7 Months of Intensive Healing To Find The Inner Dimension of The Disease So That You May Heal Completely

August 2015 To March 2016

Starting on August 25th 2015 and lasting through March 2016, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe MD is offering his most Advanced Healing Program ever.  In this new program, you will be working with Ibrahim and a team of 15 Advanced Sufi Spiritual Healers, coaches, and teachers in a format designed to spark hope and revolutionize your healing process.  People who have received these healing have received miraculous results from many different diseases.

“I was diagnosed with 100% inflammation of my colon.  My Dr. told me it was incurable and that
I needed immediate surgery to remove my colon.  I met and worked with Dr. Jaffe over a 6-12 month
period of time, and at the end of that time the inflammation in my colon had reduced to 1/2 %.”  ~ Cynthia, RH

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

  • Someone who is seeking healing from an illness and is looking for a proven system that brings true success.
  • A person who is deeply committed to their physical and spiritual healing but has yet to find the cause of the illness and receive the healing they are looking for

Have you realized that with Divine intervention that your healing can remarkably improve?

Dr. Jaffe is a licensed medical doctor who has been working for over 30 years with individuals with serious forms of illness such as cancer, lime's disease, and heart disease getting amazing results.

“I came to Dr. Jaffe through a workshop in 2012 because of a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. I had a
clot that caused a heart attack and my heart was pumping at 1/3 of healthy heart function. Through the
workshop and my individual healing sessions Dr. Jaffe was able to see the virus in my heart and give me a
7-week program to eradicate the virus. In a healing with Dr. Jaffe, he saw the damaged part of my heart
break off and fall away. When the doctors next tested my heart, my heart function had doubled, to 40 %
ejection fraction, 2/3 of healthy heart function. The doctor in the large hospital cried with joy, and said
she didn't need to follow me anymore. I am so grateful to be able to be here for my husband and children
and for the difference in my life because of Dr. Jaffe's teachings and healing.” ~ Barb

Are you deeply committed to your physical and spiritual healing but have not been able to find the cause of the illness which continues to persist?

Begin Your Healing Journey Today:

  • As Dr. Jaffe teaches you how find, understand,  and heal the inner causes of the illness you will watch your illness begin to disappear
  • Learn how to find the hidden unmet needs that have opened the doors to manifesting the disease in your life and by learning to master this process you can stop the progression and reverse your disease
  • By discovering the meaning behind your illness you will be able to receive the spiritual teaching that will allow your disease to complete itself

Bring Passion and New Meaning To Your Life

What Will You Receive As A Part Of This Program:

  • A full individual evaluation and assessment from Dr. Jaffe where he will be giving you direction and input on how this program will be tailored to fit your specific healing needs.
  • 2-6 Day Personal Healing Intensive Retreats (August 25th-30th & January 2016).
  • During these retreats you will be receiving daily healing as well as group teachings designed to support your healing process.
  • A personal assessment at the end of each intensive retreat (August and January). This is an evaluation of the deeper causes of the illness and how to heal it with spiritual practices which you can do in the intercession to speed the process of your healing.
  • 20 individual healing sessions from September 2015 to March 2016 from one or more of the program's 15 Sufi Spiritual Healers who are receiving direct oversight from Ibrahim.
  • 10 interactive intercession  group teaching calls with Ibrahim where he will be supporting and helping you with your healing process.
  • Individual bi-monthly coaching support calls with Carol Sontag in order to support you each step of the way (see full description below)**.

If you are deeply committed to your physical and spiritual healing but have not been able to find the cause of the illness which continues to persist in you then take the next step today!

What Will You Experience During This 7 Month Program?

August: The first part of your healing journey begins with a 6 day healing retreat at the beautiful Norwich Inn and Spa in Norwich Connecticut. From the moment you step on the property of this healing hot springs resort you will enter a container of love and healing. We have reserved individual condominium style rooms where you can relax, spread out, and settle in. Here you will meet Ibrahim and your team of Sufi Healers, teachers, and coaches that have committed themselves to your healing. Each day of the retreat you will be surrounded by Ibrahim and many of the country's best Sufi Healers as they began to introduce you to the process and care of spiritual healing. During your stay you will experience daily teaching and healing from Ibrahim. In these sessions you will get special care and love as you began to feel your healing start. Each day you will see demonstrations and be involved in powerful group healing sessions led by Ibrahim that are designed to jump start your healing. In addition you will have daily healing sessions from a Sufi Spiritual Healer who has been trained directly by Ibrahim as a part of The Master Healing Apprenticeship Program. In these daily healing sessions your healing will began to move deeper and you will began to gain insights into the spiritual nature of your illness or pain. In the evening the group will come back together to share their experiences of the day and gain encouragement from seeing the healing process take place. When this very special week comes to a close you will be given your individual healing assessment prepared by Ibrahim and will be paired with one of more of our Sufi Healers who will help guide you over the next 4 months.

September – December: The second part of your journey continues during the intercession from August to January. During this 4 month time you will continue to be held in this special container of love and support. You will receive bi-monthly 2 hour live teaching tele-calls which will be conducted by Ibrahim. During these personalized calls you will be able to hear teachings that will deepen your healings and in addition you will get to personally interact with Ibrahim to ask questions about your individual healing journey. On these calls you will also get the opportunity to observe and participate in healing demonstrations again, led by Ibrahim. In between these calls you will be scheduled for individual healing sessions with one or more of the Sufi Spiritual Healers. This will be your opportunity to bring the wisdom and healing gifts of these Sufi Healers to deepen your healing. In these sessions you will began to discover why your illness is in your life and the plan for this illness and your new life will began to unfold. As a part of these sessions the Sufi Healers are communicating with Ibrahim in order to make sure your individual needs are being addressed and in addition you will receive 2 20 minute personal check ins with Ibrahim directly. Lastly, but perhaps most important, during this intercession time you will be given individual coaching calls from Carol Sontag. These calls will be an integral part in helping you work with all of the emotions and life circumstances that come along that try to side track us. Carol is an expert in keeping individuals focused on their goal of healing and helping you move past any obstacle that you may face and she will encourage you to stay the course.

January 2016: The third part of your journey will take place in January 2016 with a second 6 day healing retreat. This retreat will be focused on bringing your journey to completion. During this week your individual healing sessions will be focused on taking the experience of your healing out into all areas of your life. This fine tuned process will be all about bringing you into your new life and clearing any blocks that hold that back. During this week you will continue in the group healing process and will be able to hear the success stories and ready yourself for your new life.

January – March 2016: The final leg of your journey will be filled with more bi-monthly individual healing sessions from your Sufi Spiritual Healers, more coaching calls, and continued small group calls led by Ibrahim. At the end of your journey you will be ready to stand on your own with your new body, your cleansed heart, and you will leave full of love.

This program is for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their own healing and who have yet to see results from conventional healing methods.

For more information and to inquire about applying to the program you can call Jamila Sontag directly at 1-888-237-5233 Ext 1 or simply click on the interest box below to submit an inquiry and Jamila will reach out to your shortly.

Program Details:

In order to make sure that this program will meet your specific needs, there is an application process for interested participants.  Each participant will need to submit an application along with their medical records.  To receive an application please contact Jamila Sontag directly at 1-888-237-5233 Ext 1 or email her at

Program Tuition:

$7,500*    $7,000 

*10% discount for Single-Payment: $6,300

**Contact us now about Payment Plans!  1-888-237-5233 Ext 1

*** For the full details of course tuition, including the cancellation policy, please contact Jamila Sontag.

August Retreat Dates & Location:
August 25th-30th

Spa At Norwich Inn
607 Thames Street
Norwich, CT 06360


(Ask For The Jaffe Group)

January 2016 Retreat Dates
January 12th – 17th
Location To Be Determined



ibrahim-jaffe-new-photo-200x255Dr. Jaffe MD is a licensed medical doctor who, for the last 25 years, has pioneered advanced energetic and spiritual healing in the United States. Educated at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago Dr. Jaffe is one of the founders and former President of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism located in Napa Valley, CA. Using a combination of western medicine and Sufi Spiritual Healing Techniques he has helped bring the Light of Healing to thousands of individuals who have suffered from various physical and emotional diseases.



We are thrilled to have Carol Jamila Sontag as an integral part of this program to support you during your healing journey.  Carol is an experienced and compassionate coach who is utterly committed to serving her clients at the highest level.

Carol will meet with you individually via the phone twice monthly over the course of the program.  Her intention is to help keep you moving with what opened for you during the intensive and help support you with any homework that was assigned.  She will also work with you to uncover any heartfelt goals you'd like to work on during the program that will support your healing process.

She is an extraordinary coach with a huge capacity to listen deeply to your challenges.  Carol Jamila is one who walks her talk.  Her clarity of heart and vision helps you to re-connect to your deepest longing, keeps you moving and uncovers what's next for you.


As a result of her commitment to service, Carol Jamila Sontag has become a leader in the field of personal and spiritual development.  Carol is one of the senior veterans in the field of leadership development, transformation and coaching. She was certified by Thomas Leonard in his first Coach University class when life coaching as a career first started and had a successful coaching practice in the early 90's. She also worked for Landmark Education, attended the School of Energy Mastery and was a teaching assistant at The Jaffe Institute, (now the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism) and has worked with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe for the past 18 years.


August 25, 2015 @ 8:00 am
August 31, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

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