Advanced Practitioners Program

Many students of spiritual healing find that their work is sometimes unsuccessful, particularly with advanced diseases such as cancer, life-threatening illness, serious infections, and other unresponsive and difficult illnesses. They need time to complete their healing potential, and they need support to reach the consciousness to witness the issues that are the core of most illnesses.

Would you like to learn Advanced Medical Spiritual Healing techniques, to bring deep and complete healing to your patients in a holy way?

Please watch this special message from Dr. Jaffe:

The Advanced Medical Spiritual Healing Practitioners program will offer you some of the most significant teachings for healing disease. This course is taught jointly with the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism Masters of Divinity degree program. Students will have the opportunity to work intensively with Dr. Jaffe, in person, for six days per school session.

In fact, Advanced Practitioner students will have the opportunity to receive approximately 30 full days of in-person training with Dr. Jaffe in addition to the ongoing coursework, a week of personal retreat, and group holding that will take place during the 19-month program.

Students who join the Advanced Practitioners Program will receive spiritual teachings and learn advanced healing techniques that Dr. Jaffe has never brought through to the public before.

What have healers & patients said about working with Dr. Jaffe?

“I cannot find adequate words to describe the depth and richness of this unique program. The benefits continue to open and blossom in every facet of my life. My healing work with others has advanced by light years. I have immense gratitude to Allah for allowing me to attend, and for Ibrahim’s selfless sharing of his walking, knowledge and heart.” –Latif Phil Sorenson

“Dr. Jaffe was able to see the virus in my heart and give me a 7-week program to eradicate the virus. In a healing with Dr. Jaffe, he saw the damaged part of my heart break off and fall away. When the doctors next tested my heart, my heart function had doubled, to 40 % ejection fraction, 2/3 of healthy heart function. The doctor in the large hospital cried with joy, and said she didn’t need to follow me anymore.” –Barb

The Advanced Practitioners Program will help students to:

Deepen Their Bowing To God
The healer’s surrender to God is not complete or sometimes not sincere enough. It is important to deepen one’s surrender to the Most High in order for the Light of Healing to be sent down from above.

Understand Pattern Identification & Transformation
It is known that the inner issues within the subconsciousness of people create subtle light patterns that can be felt and witnessed within the subtle worlds. These patterns can be used to both diagnosis and predict certain outcomes of the progression of disease.

Witness & Deepen Capability Within The Malakut
Students’ ability to witness, understand and transform the Malakut, or the angelic level, of many diseases is often not strong enough. It is necessary to understand the issues and dynamics that are happening in order to help to correct them within the patient. Once the person understands what the lesson is and makes a different choice within, the healing is accepted by God and the sacred lights descend.

Increase & Open Perceptions of the Soul Worlds
The soul world is a more subtle world that interpenetrates the Malakut world and carries the human and Divine Qualities within it. It is necessary to be able to perceive this ocean of being and to be able to transform these veils into love, peace, and beauty if healing is to occur.

Understand The Divine Teachings Within
All disease has come to us from God in order to teach us specific soul and spiritual lessons that are needed for the advancement of that Soul towards God and completion. When the healer can help to integrate and complete these lessons, often the disease disappears. In many cases, this allows other methods of healing, such as conventional medicine to work, or we could say God accepts them and they heal.

Clean & Perfect The Divine Qualities
It is the cleaning of the human qualities and the following Beautification by the Divine Qualities that is the essential and most significant part of healing. Purification of these qualities occurs through the cleaning and perfection of the hidden images and meanings woven into the qualities.

Learn “End Of Life” Spiritual Completion Support
Time permitting, the course will provide teachings for helping clients to cross through the higher worlds at the time of death. This will lead to supporting hospice patients and workers who struggle with end of life spiritual issues and need help to facilitate the soul as it leaves the body.

More Testimonials From Students of Dr. Jaffe:

“[My classes with Dr. Jaffe] have been enormously valuable to my healing work with clients and with myself. By helping us to call upon and track the Divine Light into the pattern of illness, and to trust our perception, he de-mystified the healing process and gave us a broad and workable format for healing.” –Salima

“It took me over two years for the doctors to figure out what was wrong with me. After spending lots of time and money I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, low thyroid disease. After working with Dr. Jaffe for a few short months not only are my test results normal I have my energy back full force without taking synthetic hormones the rest of my life. … With Dr Jaffe’s deep knowledge and guidance I’ve been able to heal much more in my life then Hashimoto’s disease. I’ve grown to trust myself again and move forward in all areas of my life. For that I am internally grateful.” –Kim Shanti

Did you know?

Participants in the Advanced Practitioners Program do not necessarily have to be graduates of the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism to be eligible for enrollment.

If you are seeking to:

  • Develop your healing abilities to bring about profound impact for your clients and your field…
  • Deepen your knowledge, clarity, and confidence in working with serious illness and disease…
  • Gain expertise to reach, witness, understand, and transform illness as it resides in the Soul and Spirit levels of the human being…

…then take your chance, and find out if the Advanced Practitioners Program is right for you!


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