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IMG_4419aDr. Ibrahim Jaffe has helped patients to achieve dramatic healing results for conditions that Western medicine has deemed irreversible or terminal, including advanced heart disease and breast cancer. Working with Dr. Jaffe, patients are often able to reverse trends towards disease on a spiritual level before the disease has manifested in the physical body.

Dr. Jaffe received his traditional medical education from the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

During his medical residency, Dr. Jaffe witnessed the miraculous healing of a young woman with end-stage hepatitis. After doctors had exhausted their options using Western medical techniques, her condition was healed using an ancient Biblical method of healing. After witnessing his patient’s miraculous recovery, Dr. Jaffe realized there were secrets to healing far beyond what he had learned in medical school.

After completing his residency and earning his medical license in 1983, Dr. Jaffe traveled around the world to study with indigenous healers and traditional doctors. During his years of travel, he studied with healers and spiritual masters from traditions in Japan (Zen), Tibet (Medicine Buddha), India (Kundalini), Hawaii (Kahuna), and South America (Shamanistic).

Within the United States, Dr. Jaffe also earned his certification in homeopathy from the Fuller Royal Institute at the Nevada Clinic, studied Raw Foods Healing with Anne Wigmore in Boston, and apprenticed in Etheric Surgery with Bill Grey in Sedona.

Eventually his studies brought him to Jerusalem, where he studied Sufi spirituality and healing with Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal. It is through the techniques of Sufi healing that Dr. Jaffe has seen the deepest and most complete form of healing on both the physical and energetic levels.

He currently practices spiritual healing within the Sufi tradition and he blends allopathic medicine, spiritual healing, alternative and energetic practices into a comprehensive system for complete healing.

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