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Dr. Jaffe will teach you how to understand the inner dimension of your illness or issue and how to draw in the divine lights to heal it.

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About Dr. Jaffe

Dr. Jaffe received his traditional medical education from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. After completing his residency and earning his medical license in 1983, Dr. Jaffe traveled around the world to study with indigenous healers and traditional doctors.

Healing the Heart and Soul

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe offers a unique and comprehensive synthesis of medical, energetic, and spiritual healing. He has helped thousands of people to find lasting love, mercy, and compassion which he brings to every situation. He has dedicated his life to creating world peace through bringing people into the reality of Divine Love.

Spiritual Path

Path to the Heart


The miracles
of God's healing


spiritual relationships:
The adventure of love

Divine Purpose

The secret to living a deep,
meaningful, and fulfilling life

Healing Testimonials

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe has helped patients to achieve dramatic healing results for conditions that Western medicine has deemed irreversible or terminal, including advanced heart disease and breast cancer. Working with Dr. Jaffe, patients are often able to reverse trends towards disease on a spiritual level before the disease has manifested in the physical body.

Healing Colitis

Healing Hepatitus C - Liver Disease

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