Dr. Jaffe has helped patients to achieve dramatic healing results for conditions that Western medicine has deemed irreversible or terminal. Additionally, patients are often able to reverse trends towards disease on a spiritual level before the disease has manifested in the physical body.  Read More >>


Dr. Jaffe has founded the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center, the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism and Dr. Jaffe MD seminars. Over 3,000 people have entered Sufism through his teachings. In 2010, Dr. Jaffe became Murshid Murrabai Ruhi (Spiritual Teacher), one of four Murshids within the Shadhiliyya order. Read More >>


Dr. Jaffe has spoken internationally on topics of spirituality, healing and world peace. His speaking engagements have included the United Nations, Harvard Divinity School, and Harvard Medical School. He has frequently contributed to conferences on Chinese medicine and alternative healing. Read More >>

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Laurie Scurich:

"Ibrahim is an incredible teacher with a deep commitment in serving God. The opportunity for deep personal healing happens in every class with him. We learn how to open and deepen our Heart and Soul as he holds us in this magnificent process."

Abdullah Rivers:

"Ibrahim penetrates and transforms the students' illusions and veils; he guides them with truth, healing and wisdom toward an unmistakably authentic ability to access the profound clarity, insight, and abundant love within their own hearts."

Andrea Ferrante:

"I feel so blessed to study with a master spiritual healer and to know he is a brother and a friend at the very same time. This experience has helped me grow and develop my skills more than I imagined. I’m so grateful I kept saying yes to knowing more Love."